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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Call Backs

Much to my shock, I must admit, Shayne texted me early this morning that Shayla's name was posted at the Ritz indicating she made call backs for the part she wanted in "The Music Man". Yikes! Call backs were at the exact same time as Dress Rehearsal for the Wizard of Oz. I never thought she'd really make it. I called the Ritz Play Director and left a message telling her Shayla could not get out of dress rehearsal, which was also at 6:30, but she would be finished by about 8:00 and Shayne could drive her over to Tiffin then if they were really interested in her.

At lunch, I went to tell Shayla the good/bad news. First she couldn't believe she made call backs. Then she teared up and said, "But mom, I really wanted the part of Amaryllis." I said, "I know, but your first responsibility is to your school and fulfilling that commitment." She said, "You're right, but I wish I could do both."

As we crawled into the van after school, my phone rang. It was the play director who told me, "Obviously, we are very interested in Shayla to possibly play Amaryllis. There are four girls we want to see again so if you could get her to the theatre by 8:30 we would like to hear her read some more scripts for us." I told her, "Ok! She'll be there!" Shayla was THRILLED and sang, "76 Trombones" all the way home.

As soon as she was finished with her part tonight at school, I got her into her jeans and sent her out the door to find Shayne to take her to the Ritz. Just a bit later I was down on the floor in the music room picking up craft pieces from the supplies I bought to keep the "Munchkins" quietly entertained tonight backstage. I looked up and there she was! I said, "What?! Didn't you find dad? Aren't you supposed to be at the Ritz?" She said, "I went, I auditioned, I'm back for the curtain call. Do you know where my costume is?" I was shocked. Praise be to God it all worked out! She's so very lucky! Tomorrow at 7AM, the cast will be posted at the Ritz. Shayne will stop by on his way to work. He said she was wonderful! (But Daddy isn't biased at all now is he?! hee hee). I know she'll be perfectly fine if she "just" makes the chorus too.

Shayla's had a great week with all of the musical practices. This has been so good for her - and all of them I believe (although I think many of them are exhausted with the pace). Shayla has really enjoyed being with her friends, and making new ones too. Another one of God's great blessings - friendships!

Shayne's job continues to amaze me! This week he flew out of our little Tiffin airport at 6am to go to a conference in Indiana. He was back at his desk just after 12:30 PM. Incredible! Here's a picture of Tiffin he took for me. WOW! (Of course the first thing I saw was St. Mary's Church - where Christi's funeral mass was held - ugh!)


At 6/3/09 8:12 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Congrats Shayla for getting a callback!!

At 6/3/09 9:20 PM, Anonymous Jenn said...

I'm so proud of you, Shayla!! Crossing my fingers, toes and everything else that can be crossed that you get the part you really want...though I know you will be thrilled also if you were in the chorus. I wish I could watch your plays. You are a smart, beautiful amazing young lady and I'm sure your beautiful, smart, and amazing big sister is with you always and crossing her fingers, toes and everything else she can cross too, for you!!

Hugs from Maryland,

Jenn-Annapolis, MD

At 6/3/09 10:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Wizard Of Oz was AWSOME tonight! Shayla and the cast did a great job!

~SE Graduate

At 6/3/09 11:37 PM, Blogger Rhonda said...

So....DID SHE MAKE IT???? Please don't keep me in suspense any longer!! I crossed my fingers AND toes for her!!

At 7/3/09 12:39 AM, Blogger Danielle Luc said...

Shayla dearest,

You'll be happy to know that we got home around 11:00 pm and even though kate was barely awake, she had enough energy to be sure her autographed program was set neatly on her dresser. You are a super star to her =)

You're so darn cute and grown up and you did a wonderful job tonight. I remember you when you were Kate's age... heck, even littler! You've sure got a career in showbiz - or at least with kids if not that. You are so sweet to kate and we were so tickled to come spend and evening watching your performance.

Angela & Shayne - thanks for keeping kate laughing during those "uncertain" moments of flying witches and monkies!

much love and gratitude for the fun night out,



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