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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Music Man Auditions

Thanks to all who inquired about the "Wizard of Oz" tickets. They are all gone now; I'm glad others will be able to join us!! The kids are all doing fantastic work! On Sunday night, Shayla (along with 45-50 other kids) auditioned for "The Music Man", playing at the Ritz in May. While on our way there, Shayla said, "What would it be like if both Christi and I were trying out and only one of us made it?" We discussed that for a while. Shayla has been noting a lot of faint rainbows in the sky recently and she continues to reflect upon her sister at those times. As Laura has told me, I must get those memories recorded before they are gone. Laura and Olivia's brother (Manny) died 14 years ago on Sunday. I know it's a tough month for them. They miss him so much and he's been gone for so long. We won't know until Friday if Shayla got a part in the Ritz's musical or not, but I'm certain my mom (who is entirely too far away in the winter) would like to see / hear Shayla on stage. Shayla had a delightful two hours spent at auditions. She clapped for every single child and appeared to be having a grand time reading, singing and dancing. She has her fingers crossed that she gets a certain part, but I know she'll be thrilled just to make the "chorus kids". Hopefully, that will come true for her on Friday. Enjoy the little video clips, Grandma Nonee!


At 6/3/09 4:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I hope she gets good news today! Those clips are great. She is a treasure.

Irene x

p.s. how is the thesis work going?

At 9/3/09 8:16 PM, Blogger Shanan said...

Way to go shayla... you are a young lady of many talents....!!I hope my daughter turns out as well rounded as you.!!!=) You looked fabulous in your ballet costume, and your try outs are so full of talent... keep up the hard work girly and you will go far!!! Your sister would be proud of you forsure!!! =)

And to you Angela, your an inspiration to all mothers on what a mom really is about! You have such a awesome personality and your so kind...traits that are taken for granted these days! I aspire to be a good mom like you!!
~~Shanan From Massillon, OH~~


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