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Friday, February 06, 2009

Bathroom - Complete

This is long overdue! In August of 2007, I wrote on this blog that I was redecorating our upstairs bathroom and making it a subtle tribute to Christi. I went with the New York City motif, due to an incredible city - with wonderful people - we all loved, despite living there in the Ronald McDonald House for 8 months. When Christi was feeling well, we took the city by storm! I can now finally say, it is finished and I'm ready to share it with you. It may be a bit tacky, but quite frankly I love it! I know Christi would too and there are many pictures of her in NYC in our "new" bathroom.

Looking into the "newly redecorated" bathroom.
Looking into the "old" bathroom. (Notice Miss Christi's baby picture on the wall, complete with toilet paper over her head. When she was about 7 she asked about that picture and she told me she didn't realize I staged it. She thought she must have been playing with the toilet paper in the bathroom when I snapped the picture.)
I used push pins to stick NYC postcards on this one wall. I really like how it came out, as it reminds me how exciting and wonderful NYC is. My deepest thanks to sweet Olivia for sending me more postcards when I ran out.
While in NYC, I even found a NYC shower curtain!
Another "tacky" wall featuring our memorabilia and pictures from NYC.
Notice "Thomas Drive, NYC" and also at the very top, a sweet blogger sent me "CHRYSTIE DRIVE" back in August of 2007 for this decorating project. She said that she walks by this street in Greenwich Village every day on her way to work and it reminds her of our precious Angel. What a blessing! It's the perfect final touch.

Looking out of the bathroom. It had not been redecorated since we moved in our home in 1993. And, I guess if I can blog about silly things like this, I'm doing well! Praise God!


At 6/2/09 8:13 PM, Blogger Lisa D :) said...

What a FUN bathroom that is Angela! I heart NYC!!!

p.s. I'm glad you are able to blog about silly things like this! You are handling life so admirably -- you are such an INSPIRATION to me and countless others!

At 7/2/09 5:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bathroom looks adorable and full of neat memories! It still is a little sad to see "bathroom" here, last words seems so.... well, last. :-( Prayers for you all as you make your days forward without your sweet daughter.

A Caringbridge family from Massachusetts, Paula et al.

At 8/2/09 4:04 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Wow it looks awesome!! I love NYC too! It's a great city!

Thinking of you with love always,

At 8/2/09 6:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it - just the right kind of tacky! I think it's great that you can remember all the good times about being in NY - and nice for Shayla too, even though she was very young, to remember being all together there.

"Bathroom" - poor thing. I'm praying for her.

Thank you for sharing all this, again,



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