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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Angel Erin

I was terribly saddened and shocked yesterday to learn that sweet little Erin from Texas earned her angel wings on Thursday. (I've slowly over time, stopped following most cancer kids' journeys. Their stories are really heartbreaking, and it often brings me down as I know what is in store for their families. It's horrific. Anyway, the last I knew, Erin was doing very well.)

While Erin and Christi never met in person, I'd emailed with Erin's mom (a professor) for years and finally met her while I was on my NCATE visit in Houston in April of 2007. I thought our bright, outgoing and spunky daughters had so much in common that they would immediately be fast friends if they ever met. Now I wonder if Christi knew Erin was arriving Home and if she was there to welcome her and to take her to met Jesus.

Erin was amazing, and nearly the same age as Christi. She loved school and activities and really reminded me so much of Christi with her fun-loving personality.

Erin treated for an incredible 84 months, simply unheard of with this evil beast called neuroblastoma. My heart is breaking for Vicky, Erin's wonderful mother. I know her life will never, ever be the same. May God wrap His loving arms around Erin's whole family and give them comfort that only He can give.
Rest in peace, sweet Angel Erin B.

One of my favorite Easter pictures of Christi, taken in 2006 while her cousins were visiting for the holiday.

Shayla (far right) at the Tiffin University egg hunt, April 2006


At 11/4/09 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My prayers are with Erin's family. So very, very sad to hear of yet another child's life cut short by cancer. :(

Wishing the Thomas family a very happy Easter --

At 11/4/09 12:06 PM, Anonymous Maryam said...

May she rest in peace, and May God shield her family and give them strength, yours too :)
This may sound weird but through your blog i feel like i really knew christi really well and even though i've never met her, I Miss her! i dont know how but i really do especially when I see the beautiful photos of her laughing,smiling,living..
May God bless your family..

At 11/4/09 7:52 PM, Blogger orangeACID! said...

I made this video for Christi and Shayla, it shows what a great relationship that they both had. I wanted to remind Shayla that her sister still and forever will love her SO much. You could clearly see without a doubt that they were best friends.
Watch it in high quality for best picture. I hope you enjoy this. Your girls showed me how to be a better sister to my little sister.

always praying for you.

At 11/4/09 10:32 PM, Blogger Vickie said...

Thank you for the loving tribute and for taking the time to find such meaningful photos.

Loved the Easter egg hunt photos. Christi had such a beautiful and perfect head.



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