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Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Buckeye has been hanging out in Shayla's Easter basket, sunning herself in the window this week. I did not get out Christi's basket this year. I think I just didn't want to see it empty so I left it in the basement.

HAPPY EASTER, 2009! Shayla had to climb a tree to find all of her eggs this year.

Thanks to sweet Grandma Nee Nee for coming over Thursday, when I had to work, to color Easter eggs with Shayla. Shayla loved it and I came home and everything in the kitchen was spotless, ahhhhhhhhh! THANKS, Joan!

Shayla with her Easter treats. He is risen!

Ready to get the eggs! The annual "stairwell picture" (March 2005)
The annual "stairwell picture" (April 2009) I put this shirt out for Shayla to wear because I think it will be one of the last times she wears one of Christi's shirts. Shayla has now outgrown nearly all of Christi's clothes; it's a very odd feeling.

Baby Shayla with the bunny
Coloring Easter eggs with Aunt Marty
March 2005, Christi age 7


At 13/4/09 3:45 PM, Anonymous Campagnette said...

Is Buckeye a cat or a rabbit ? :-)
I like the 5th photo, the "stairwell picture". But what is this plant on the top of Shayla's head ?

I didn't know that in US chicken lay their eggs up on a tree. Perhaps It was not a chicker egg (what else ? merle, swallow, crow, pie, golden eagle ?)

In Europe we have three kinds of siameses : american siameses
(long and thin) but also thaï siameses (plump) and even "apple thaï siameses" which exactly name is "applehead".

Have you seen the pianist cat ?

and the speaking cat

Oh please show that cats to Shayla, please please... they're too cute :o)

At 13/4/09 7:07 PM, Blogger Shay said...

Hey mom! Just thought I should know what is up. I love you and thanks for putting LAZER KITTY on the Blog! bye!


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