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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy 90th Grandma!

My awesome grandma turned 90! HAPPY B-DAY, grandma! I just wish my dad could have been there in person too, to wish his mom a happy day. And of course, grandpa and Christi who would have had some joke to play on grandma, or at least slipped off for some ice cream.
Before Sunday afternoon's recital we went to church with grandma and then visited with her. My aunt had planned a surprise birthday party for her and I think she was really surprised!

Unfortunately, we could only stay a few minutes at the party, as we had to get Shayla to the Ritz, but I'm glad I was able to say hello to my wonderful cousins who were there!

Baby Christi and Grandma (Summer 1997), 12 years ago. Grandma has always loved babies! Now I'm certain Christi watches over and protects her great grandma!
Grandma with newborn Christi. Not only did she drive to the hospital within hours of Christi's birth, she came over to visit the next week too! What a blessing to have her in our lives! HAPPY 90th BDAY, sweet grandma!

Shayla with her great grandparents on her Baptism day. (She is wearing her great grandpa's Baptismal gown - how cool is that?! It was absolutely gorgeous....and I was so scared I was going to tear it or she would spit up on it. Whew! We made it!)

I remember worrying about grandma at the funeral home, thinking how hard that must be on her. As we stood in front of Christi's casket with her she said something like, "She looks really good. I was afraid she'd be skinny." Shayne tried to make a joking comment, something like, "Oh, no. All the Thomas's are good eaters." I know my skinny grandma doesn't think people look healthy when they're too thin. That always cracks me up because she's always been very thin. May God continue to richly bless her!

Found it! This is the picture of my little kindergarten student, Jayde, who came over to our home to meet Christi. I mentioned it in my last post. Jayde and her sweet mother also brought Christi this lovely little blanket. Christi wore many of Jayde's clothes when she was really little. Those clothes were always so cute!


At 18/6/09 6:38 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

90, wow! Happy birthday, grandma! We celebrated my grandfather's 90th with family surprise party a few years ago and it was so much fun!

Many hugs,

At 21/6/09 11:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy 90th birthday to your grandma! She looks like a sweet lady! What a blessing that she is a part of your lives. My grandmother has been gone 24 years and I miss her always. I'm glad you were all able to celebrate together!


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