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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ritz Summer Camp 2009

Wow! Has Shayla really attended nearly twice as many Ritz Summer Youth Theatre Camps as Christi ever did? Hmmmmm. Christi (2004-2006 = 3 awesome summer camp experiences), Shayla (2005-2009 = 5 wonderful weeks of summer camp at the Ritz Theatre) It's so hard to believe. It seemed like Ritz Camp was always "Christi's Thing". At first, Shayla was too little to go, but when she started it she loved it too. I wonder what part Christi would have had in this year's play "Pinocchio". (Pic 2006, Seascout Christi)Shayla (Toto, dog, 2008)
Shayla (mouse) 2007

Shayla enjoying the after performance fellowship with grandma Nee Nee
Shay with State Representative Jeff Wagner. Friday night we had State Representative Jeff Wagner and his beautiful wife, Carla, over for dinner. Then we all went to the show together. They are such a sweet family! We are very blessed to call them friends. I don't know how Jeff ever mustered up the courage to read for us at Christi's funeral mass, but thankfully he did - and he did a great job.
with Grandpa and Grandma Nonee
On Stage - a Pleasure Isle Kid this year

We love Donna! GREAT JOB, GIRL!


At 23/6/09 3:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sure wish Ohio wasn't so far from south Florida! I'd love to see Shayla perform! I'm sure it's always a fun experience! I'm so glad she's loving Ritz Camp. We can only imagine the great times she and Christi would've had there together, if Christi was still here. {sigh}

At 24/6/09 6:51 AM, Blogger Toronto Wedding Photographers said...

Wow everytime I see Shayla in photos she just gets more and more beautiful! She is turning into such a lovely lady! You must be so proud!!

At 24/6/09 10:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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