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Friday, June 26, 2009

Weekly Update

Shayla went to basketball camp for a few hours each day this week. One day we took off after camp and drove about 3 hours (Well, Paw Paw drove - he's awesome.) to New Philadelphia, OH to experience "Trumpet in the Land" (outdoor, historical, drama). We all four thoroughly enjoyed the "Behind the Scenes" tour and also the actual production.

Shayla will be judged on her 4H project "Play the Role" (theatre) pretty soon. She'll also have her scrapbook judging on the same day. There are 20 4Hers competing in her age division. She's nearly finished her scrapbook with the "Drama" theme. Regardless of her grade or any possible ribbons, she learned a lot, enjoyed making it and we have a wonderful keepsake of her year!

We stayed overnight in New Philly, Ohio and drove home through Amish Country, (Ahhhhh) to get Shayla back for basketball camp.

This photo was given to me by Cassie after she received the 2009 CT Memorial Scholarship. It was taken in 2006. They "met" in 2005 when Christi told Cassie backstage she was scared.
Christi's first Ritz Theatre Youth Camp, The Jungle Book, 2004
I spent that week in Columbus taking a class for my doc program. I understand Christi was not thrilled about her part - the little (and last one) of the snake. The next day when they gave her a maraca to "shake" she loved it and felt like she was the star of the play. They would pause and she would go "shake shake". What a hoot! I came back home from the class on Friday so I was able to watch both shows. God bless the Ritz Theatre and Misoula Children's Theatre.


At 27/6/09 9:41 AM, Anonymous Ancilla Beamer said...

Hi Angie,
I still read your blog and this entry brought back memories. Last summer four of my friends and I went on a three day mystery trip and one of the destinations was "Trumpet In The Land" It was awesome. We went to an evening preformance and also had the back stage tour and also stayed in New Philly.
Still remember you and the family in my daily prayers. My heart still goes out to all of you because I know no matter how much time passes it still doesn't get any easier.
Enjoy your summer and good luck to you in the fall at BG.
Love ya lots, Ancilla


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