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Thursday, July 30, 2009

State Fair Fun

We decided the lyrics of a song from the musical "State Fair" are indeed's the best state fair in our state! (hee hee) Shayla had a BALL on her trip to the state fair in Columbus.

Waiting her turn and trying hard not to be nervous There were about 50 entrants in her scrapbook division (ages 8-14). Everything was very well organized and when she was finished with the judge we were able to enjoy the fair. At the awards ceremony, they called the top 20% up on stage for "Outstanding Work" purple rosettes. One of them then received the clock award for the top prize. When Shayla's name was called for the top 20%, I was very surprised and actually screamed. (Totally out of my character, but I was so happy for her it just slipped out.)

Enjoying the fair after the competition We were richly blessed by having Shelby and Grandma Nonee travel down to the state capital with us and to get to meet Traci afterwards for dinner. Thankfully, the competition was on Thursday - the only day she did not have another event to enter at the county fair. The state and county fairs do not typically overlap like this, but this year they did. Shayne stayed back to take care of Skeeter.

Meeting with the Judge
Her lovely participation ribbon with the pledge she likes to recite.

This is the only photo I caught any orbs in. It's when Shayla was called up on stage, wild - very wild! I'd like to think it's Christi and my dad showing me they are with us all.

Top 20% "Outstanding Project" awards
Cousin Shelby congratulates Shayla

I was able to watch two of my former 8th grade students, who graduated this year, perform in the Ohio State Fair Choir. That was great!
Enjoying the free Kayaking at the State Fair
Shayla loved the free butterfly house at the state fair too. It was a lovely day!
Back home, the state fair outstanding project girl was back to cleaning the horse stall and picking up the poop. You go, girl! (I still can't figure out why she'd rather clean a horse stall instead of her least she cleans ONE of them without complaint.)


At 31/7/09 9:12 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Shayla, Congratulations!! I am so proud of you. As a 4-H Leader it is so great to see a 4-Her achieve such honors at the State Fair. You certainly have had a busy week. Enjoy! Hugs, Jean

At 1/8/09 8:21 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Congratulations Shayla! That is awesome that you got in the top 20%! I really love the picture with the butterfly on your nose!


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