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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Saturday's Open Horse Show

Much to our shock and surprise, Saturday morning Shayla received the 4-H's overall "Walk Trot Champion" award - a beautiful plaque.
Shayla had a very big decision to make for Saturday's open horse show. She could enter walk-trot classes, or she could try to move up to cantering classes. (Once you enter a canter class, you cannot ever go back down and enter a walk-trot "beginner" class again.) I really wanted her to stay in Walk-Trot for safety; however, she said she wanted to try to canter instead. (She had only learned to canter with Skeeter in mid-June!) I think she made the right decision. She cantered/loped very well and she placed much higher than we ever expected. She gained a lot of confidence and thinks next year she'll be better knowing she's already done it once. Go, Skeeter!

Showmanship Class, ages 8-13, she placed 4th out of 12 - much improvement from last year

The beautiful bride is back in town and came to "watch our girl". So sweet of Tiffany and Chris, amazing really!

Studying and memorizing the trail class pattern before the event.
What a gorgeous boy! He scored 6th out of 23 entries in his "good looks" division. We weren't surprised; we think he's handsome and such a solid horse!
Relaxing at the camper in between classes

Enjoying friends at the fair

Grandma congratulates Shayla after an English canter class

So nice to have both grandmas with us all week! Shayla's spoiled!


At 3/8/09 5:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh - when said the "gorgeous boy" had scored 6th out of 23 in the "good looks division" I thought you meant Shayne for a moment! Whoops!

Well done Shayla!


At 4/8/09 6:49 PM, Blogger Lisa D :) said...

I thought you meant Shane too!!! :) Skeeter is a handsome boy, indeed -- he reminds me of "Buck", the horse I rode when I was Shayla's age (my friend owned several horses and we'd ride together). I am impressed with how well Shayla's done. I was always a little fearful on a horse! Awesome award plaque, I'm just so happy Shayla's had this fun experience! Thanks for sharing it here Angela.


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