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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Unmarked Grave

While at the county fair, I received the sweetest email. It contained a beautiful poem. (And of course it reminded me that as soon as my dissertation is defended I must order Christi's plaque. I do know what I want. It's in a folder, but to actually go and do it, ugh - not really wanting to do that.) Thanks, Kalyani for sharing your lovely work with us! You are very talented and truly captured my feelings - thank you!

Dear Angela, Shayne, and Shayla;

Just wanted to send this small poem to you; I wrote it for Christi.
Like so many around the world, I followed your journal starting in 2002. Like so many around the world, I continue to admire, respect, and learn from your family's grace.

With love,

(PIC: June 2007, Shayla arranging decorations on Christi's grave. It saddens me I don't have an official cemetery plaque for her yet, but it's terribly painful to think about seeing it so "finished", I guess. I really will get it done this fall. I'm not a procrastinator; however, this has been uncharted waters and I've totally been putting it off and off and off. So sorry, Christi! You deserve better.)

The Unmarked Grave

It cradles you so closely
It holds you every night
It sings you to your slumber
It calls you to daylight

In spring it tries to blossom
In summer time it plays
In autumn it still softly glows
In winter time it prays

It prays that you are happy
It prays that you are safe
It prays that you are feeling loved
It prays that you are graced

It carries you forever, dear
though it falls apart,
It weeps, it aches, it yearns for you,
This Unmarked Grave, my heart


At 11/8/09 4:38 PM, Blogger Lisa D :) said...

When the time is right for you, you will get the grave stone. Don't beat yourself up over it Angela, it's a terrible thing to have to do and it's no wonder it's taking time to get it done -- and it's OK!
What a beautiful but sad poem.


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