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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Here ya go, BGSU

CELEBRATE! At 8AM this morning, I will hand my completed doctoral dissertation to the Dean of the College of Education at BGSU and have a thirty minute meeting with her. I cannot even believe I'm done, well, as "done" as I can be at this point. I know I must successfully defend it in front of my dissertation committee at Ohio State and then they will have recommendations/ changes/ suggestions - things for me to "fix", but I am oh so close! Thanks be to God! (OK, I'll try to act much more professional than I am acting in this goofy OSU photo. It's really hard not to be giddy that somehow this huge project I started working on in March of 2008 - 17 months ago - all came together and I am starting my dream job. Thank you, Lord!)

I doubt anyone really wants to read all 252 pages, but here's an abstract if you're looking for a shortened summary about my investigation:

Doctoral Dissertation Abstract
Copyright, 2009
Angela R. Thomas, Ph.D. Candidate
Ohio State University
College of Education
School of Teaching and Learning

This qualitative, multi-case study explored the issue of the long term, professional impact of becoming a National Board Certified Teacher. Eleven NBCTs, representative of four regions of the U.S., participated in a survey and three one-on-one phone interviews. The participants earned National Board Certification ten to fourteen years ago. Six remained classroom teachers while five chose to pursue other areas of education. All eleven NBCTs stated professional differences in their careers including reflective practices and new responsibilities. Many stated an increased sense of confidence as well as a change of dispositions and perspectives. Findings suggest new categories of change to professional lives than found in previous research regarding NBCTs including frustration and disappointment, and also a sense of responsibility.


At 12/8/09 2:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the photo!!! Congratulations on your completed dissertation and have a wonderful time at the defense! What will you wear???? Will there be a link to the completed doctoral dissertation, once all is said and done? I know that a copy is bound and available in the library, but for those of us who live way outside of Ohio, there has to be a way to read it!

At 12/8/09 3:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds fascinating. I suspect I will feel much the same as you look in your picture when I finally get it in! Thanks for sharing all this - suspect now you get to start planning for all your lessons - no rest!

All the best with everything,


P.S. Very sorry to hear about your recent bereavement. Wonderful memories - how special. No doubt is with your angel in heaven.

At 12/8/09 8:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great news Angela! Cute photo! ha ha ha On a more serious note, I truly am impressed and in awe of your accomplishments! Well done!

At 12/8/09 8:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great news Angela! Cute photo! ha ha ha On a more serious note, I truly am impressed and in awe of your accomplishments! Well done!

At 12/8/09 9:00 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

You are amazing!! You ROCK my friend! :) I'm so completely thrilled for you! BGSU is sooo blessed to get you to be a professor there, those students are so lucky, in fact I'm a little jealous and wish I was still in college so I could have YOU for a professor!

Lots of love and all my best as you begin your dream job!!


At 12/8/09 9:11 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

So exciting!!!

I love that picture, by the way.

At 12/8/09 9:17 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Angela, What joy it is to hear that you are almost there! Congratulations and God's many Blessings. Hugs, Jean


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