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Friday, August 07, 2009

State Fair Fun

After spending a couple of (very short) days with my sister and her family, and getting to catch up with a sweet "Christi Supporter" and her girls despite rain at Kings Island, we headed for home with a pit-stop at the State Fair in Columbus. Sweet Traci (our COSI friend) met us there and spent the entire afternoon with us - we are so lucky! I think all three of us had a wonderful day!
Six days after leaving the state fair for the scrapbooking competition, she's back! "No Horsing Around Around a Horse: Horse Safety Tips"
Shay added a bit to her introduction by riding in on a stick-horse that the 4H girls were all given to decorate their stalls with last week. She "slipped" and "fell" and while on the ground said she was here to talk about "No Horsing Around Around the Horse" so "that" doesn't happen to you. In her interview the judge told her she really got every one's attention and she liked that creative introduction.
One of our greatest friends ever, Traci!
The awards ceremony was to be at 4:30; however, it kept getting pushed back. I knew in order for us to make the 7PM Christi Thomas Family Night at the Seneca East Public Library we would have to be on the road by 5, or 5:15. They moved the awards back to 5 and I agreed we could stay, then 5:15 and finally 6:00. Oh, it really tugged my heart not knowing what to do. I felt like Christi was saying, "What about me?" and so was Shayla. How do parents with two kids do this? I've forgotten! After many texts with Shayne, I decided to stay in Columbus so Shayla could be there in person if she won an award. I do feel bad about not making it back for Christi's night, yet if she is really "all knowing" now, she would have wanted us to stay. At the awards program, Shayla was THRILLED by making the Top 20% - six of about 30 kids received those purple ribbons. She was very happy.


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