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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Dissertation Acknowledgements

Yesterday, I shared my "dedication" page of my dissertation. Today I share my "acknowledgements" - so many special people made this accomplishment possible. I'm happy to recognize them here! May God richly bless them!

To my husband, Shayne: Words cannot adequately express my gratitude to have your unconditional understanding, patience, humor and love as I have endured this lengthy process. Despite the stressful challenges surrounding us in recent years, I’m thankful the bond between us remains strong. Throughout this six year process, you have given me endless support, tireless love and countless tuition checks, helping me through each and every step of this incredible journey. Your undying love and support, not only during this doctoral process, but with all of my undertakings over past the 25 years we have been together, allows me to accomplish my goals and to achieve my dreams, thank you. (PIC: At a restaurant/bar called "Bed" in South Beach Florida, March 2005. When Christi was doing really well we took off for a few days as a couple. At this restaurant you took off your shoes and were seated in a huge "bed" with three or four other couples and served awesome (but overpriced) food. It was definitely an unforgetable experience!)

To my esteemed doctoral advisor, Dr. Mary Jo Fresch, who guided me through my years of the doctoral program at Ohio State and who believed in me when I questioned myself, thank you! Dr. Fresch provided me with constant reassurance. I owe her deep gratitude for supporting me, encouraging me and assuring me with her expertise and insight throughout my various endeavors over the years. I’ve been incredibly blessed with an outstanding advisor, professor, role model and friend.

Things always seem less painful and more manageable if you have a friend to endure the pain with you. I could not have completed this dissertation journey without Olivia, a compassionate, intelligent, interested friend with swift and immaculate proofreading talents and “eagle eyes”. Who knew such an ugly childhood disease could bring two strangers together and create a beautiful friendship? Olivia will forever be appreciated.

To my study participants, 10 seasoned National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) working in all four regions of the USA, who willing provided the breadth and depth for this investigation by sharing their professional and personal experiences with me, I feel a special indebtedness. Others will gain from their input. I am honored to present their stories.

I also express appreciation to my family, the first to show me the joys of learning and the first to believe in me and to encourage me to pursue my dreams. I am fortunate to have such a wonderful family actively involved in my life. (Tina, do you remember all of the clothes mom made us. Remember these blue velvet Christmas dresses - too sweet! Photo by dad: I know he would be so proud of me.)

Finally, I am indebted to all the teachers who have touched my life and who have shown me the delight of learning. They’re the inspiration for my motto, “Those who love teaching teach others to love learning.” Thank God for you! The implications of good teachers should never be underestimated.


At 9/8/09 7:38 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

Angela, you are the sweetest. Thank YOU!

At 11/8/09 4:41 PM, Blogger Lisa D :) said...

What a beautiful tribute. Love that photo of you & Shane in South Beach! I haven't heard/been to that restaurant -- it looks like fun!

At 3/5/10 10:12 AM, Anonymous dissertation help said...

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