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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Little Update

Thanks a million for prayers said for my student. She told me when I visited with her after classes yesterday that she will be discharged today! Praise be to God and may God continue with her as her doctors try to figure out what is going on in he body.

My favorite newspaper reporter, Jill Goshe, with the Advertiser-Tribune (Tiffin / Seneca County) newspaper came to campus yesterday to cover a story our BGSU methods students were doing with one of our partner schools - Fostoria City. As always, she did a great job and we thank her for the great news coverage!

Last night we enjoyed taking Shayla and a friend to see "My Fair Lady" at the high school. The show was great (as was the fish fry fundraiser bfore the show).

And the decision is in..................SKEETER! Good old Skeeter boy will be returning with Shayla for her 3rd year of 4H Horse competitions this summer. I think she made a great decision. He's such a good boy! (He just likes to run for the grain bucket - and I can relate....I would run for a hot fudge sundae too, wink!)

We've had gorgeous weather with sunny skies and temps near 70s all week. It's been great to go bike riding and Shayla's riding lesson this week was also outside. Ahhhhhh! Spring!

Now we're off to BGSU where Shayla is scheduled to go on stage and introduce the hilarious children's poet and author, Brod Bagert, who is the feature at our "Literacy in the Park" family event on campus today. One of my colleagues asked me about a month ago if Shayla would be willing to do that and now she's actually nervous about it. I think when she goes out there though, she'll be fine. Go, Shay! Thanks, Brod! God bless you all!


At 22/3/10 6:46 PM, Blogger Erin said...

Hope you and Shayla had a great time with Brod & BGSU!


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