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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The End of Shaylauary

The last time we were at Busch Gardens with Christi (February 2005), the birds flew to Christi and she was able to hold them. As hard as Shayla (only six) tried, they would not come to her. (Perhaps it was the fact she was overly excited, jumping up and down, sticking out her arm and saying, "Here birdy, birdy!") I remember feeling bad for Shayla then. Well, five years later, she got her turn - and loved it!
Beautiful Busch Gardens - Tampa, Florida
Shay and I were delayed nearly four hours (sitting in the Toledo airport, waiting for our plane to arrive so we could get on it and head off) trying to get to Florida late last week. Shayla is the almighty trooper! She, as always, was easily entertained with the items she packed (books and her DSi she received for Christmas from grandma Nee Nee). Well, I also handed her the iTouch BGSU gave me to figure out and to play with. Thankfully, we had those hours because much to my surprise and delight, the eleven year old showed ME how to use it. (And it is really incredible with all it can do!)

Arriving in Florida and finally seeing mom and Joe, made tears pour out of my eyes. I miss them terribly when they're gone in the winter and it was an incredible blessing to spend precious time with them. We are so blessed! When Paw Paw safely returned us to the airport to catch our flight home, again tears started to come as I know how much I will miss my parents until they return to us up north. Warm up soon, Ohio! We've got to get them back!!

Funny girl - acting like the birdies!

Call me old fashioned, crazy or silly, but I really enjoyed the free Chubby Checkers concert at Busch Gardens. Let's Twist Again!
Shay with her amazing grandpa. Not only did he ride roller coasters with her and play dominoes, he also played basketball with her.

Come home soon, mom and Joe! We miss you!


At 1/3/10 5:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What special people your mom and Joe are -- here's to hoping Ohio's winter ends REAL SOON!

At 2/3/10 9:36 AM, Blogger Team Russi said...

It seems so odd to see coats in Tampa pictures. I hope you had a great birth month, Shayla!

At 4/3/10 9:51 AM, Blogger Leece said...

I've been out of touch without a computer for quite a while and now I've finally been able to check, I can't believe how much Shayla has grown and matured. She really is a young lady and seems so very, very nice. Lots of love and prayers for you all.

At 13/4/12 7:47 PM, Anonymous Stefanie said...

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