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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Final Party

Sunday was the final party. (OK, I guess it is Shaylauary and it will end with a bang at the end of the month too, but last Sunday's and this Sunday's parties were her final birthday parties....for a while.....I guess we haven't quite arrived at the end of the month, yet.) Shayla LOVED being with her cousins and with more friends!
You're not our little baby anymore, Shay, but we love you just the same. (OK, even more. You are just so nice and soooooooooooo much fun)

Thank God for friends!

They even put a bench in the snowman so you can sit a bit! Shayne said it was so hard emotionally, but those girls made him get through it. I couldn't have done it.


At 22/2/10 7:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is for Shayla~
You are such an amazing young lady.. You are so pretty and talented and are truly growing into a fine young women right before all of our eyes here in internet land!! Thanks to your mom for that.. I know for certain that your sister would be so tickled that you all built that snowman on her grave... I too lost my sibling and I know how you feel.. I wanted to share with you a saying :

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, and love leaves memories that no one can steal!

By the looks of your pics Shaylauary was a success yet again!!

At 24/2/10 8:16 AM, Blogger BigJandLittleA said...

So neat that Shayla has friends that are willing to help honor her sister in that way!

At 24/2/10 12:43 PM, Blogger Danielle Luc said...


love these photo's of you celebrating your birthday. you hav certainly grown up from such a cutie pie little girl into a very pretty lady! i love reading your moms updates with all of the neat things you are doing. happy birthday (birthday month!) and keep up all the fabulous things you do!

with love!

the Luc's


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