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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Spring Break

BOSTON PUBLIC LIBRARY Did I say "I love my new job" yet this week? If not, here goes:

When I signed my contract last April, I realized for the first time since I was a BGSU student myself I would have a full week of spring break. I blocked the week off of my calendar - and Shayne's too. Shayne, who has been saying for months, "My passport is lonely," wanted to cycle in Dublin since I've never been to Ireland and he thinks I would love it there.

AT THE TOP OF THE PRU listening to the audio tour
And I dreaded just the thought of having to tell Shayla's principal - since he told me she's already violated the five vacation days policy of the school with her nine days - and telling him we were going biking for a week in Ireland.

Unfortunately (although it really is fabulous news) Shayne is soooooo terribly busy with new components of his business right now that he couldn't get away. Regardless, he thought I ought to at least take Shayla to Boston to learn some history. This year she has been studying the American Revolution in social studies.

What better place to go than Boston to learn about that?! Sooooooooooooo Shay didn't really have another "vacation day", but really a "college visit day" since she toured Harvard (and was not impressed, unlike her mother who had to keep picking her jaw up off the ground). I wonder how many college visit days a fifth grader can have? (wink) In all reality, she only missed one day of school and I only wish ALL of her fellow classmates could have gone and experienced what she did! She is blessed! (PHOTO: Walking Harvard Yard)

Eating in a student residence hall with a beautiful (inside and out) Harvard student. Thanks to amazing Michele's connections, she arranged for us to get in to a dorm to have lunch with students. There were three gnormous chandeliers. It was incredible! Shayla enjoyed her tofu on "Meatless Monday" - then she had a huge hot dog, hmmmmmmmmm. I learned tuition is $50K a year, only 8% of applicants are selected and there are 6,000 undergraduate students. I had no idea it was so small - or so expensive. Trust me, I asked a ton more questions and that poor student will probably never permit visitors like me to ever enter again! Sorry! I was so intrigued. And yes Shayla did want to know, "Are Ivy League Professors smarter than MAC League Professors?" (I told her, "Of course not!" and then I laughed and laughed!)

Holocaust Memorial - very moving

With John Hancock's coat and items (This is who Shayla selected to do her report and project on for school)

The statues from McCloskey's book, "Make Way for Ducklings" - Shay is a new little ducky at the end

Thank you, sweet Michele for the most amazing 48 hours in Boston ever! Thank you for sharing your beautiful city with us and your precious time. You are a gem! I know you brought Christi so much happiness when you would visit with her at CHOP, now to be so giving of yourself for our family yet again - we are deeply indebted. May God hold you close and richly bless you always! You are a beautiful gem - a rare and precious find! THANK YOU!

My thanks to the sweet tech department at BGSU. When I told them I was taking Shayla to Boston for an educational trip, they gave me some iTouches and "The Freedom Trail" - an audio guide to the historic 2.5 mile trek through the city was placed upon them. Shayla enjoyed doing the audio guide on the iTouch so much we actually went back to this cemetery a second day so that she could walk it again. Seeing the grave sites of: Franklin, John Hancock, Sam Adams, Paul Revere, Mother Goose and the five victims of the Boston Massacre was really unbelievable.

It was an amazing surprise for me on Saturday at the Boston airport. I immediately spotted Michele and then I thought, "Oh, nice, she brought a friend." Then it hit me, "It's Sylvia!" (Michele's mom). I didn't think she would be joining us, but she sure surprised us! She flew from Philly to Boston!! I was so happy she did! This amazing woman blows my mind! In the midst of our struggles, she came to CHOP, prayed with Christi, held Christi, gave her her final bath, massaged her feet, gave us breaks to try to catch up on items, etc. so Christi was never alone while we were trying to cope and come to grip with the reality of the impending death. She even arranged for a priest from Philly to come and give Christi her final Sacrament, when CHOP couldn't arranged for a priest for us. Now on this trip, she was equally amazing. I didn't know how she might react to the new technology, but Shay showed her how to use the iTouch and she really got into it! She is incredible! We walked poor Sylvia all over Boston - and back and she never missed a beat. God has blessed us with incredible friends! She also made my day many times by mentioning Christi and telling us how she felt Christi was with us - it was great!!

Much to our surprise and delight, they were reenacting the Boston Massacre. We felt it was our personal WELCOME TO BOSTON! Thank you!

Michele and Sylvia: Take care, be safe and thank you for a great trip! I think I will need to sleep the rest of the week to catch up from all that we did! THANKS! Without a doubt, you are angels on earth!

(PIC: Spring 2006, at CHOP) Sylvia & Michele


At 9/3/10 4:00 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Sounds a great trip to Boston! That dining hall at Harvard looks fancier than the dining hall at my university!

At 9/3/10 11:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was our honor and pleasure to be with you this past weekend!! So much fun! Thank YOU for everything! Can't wait for ten years from now when Shayla will be of age to really have that glass of white wine!! heheheee!!! xoxo

At 10/3/10 5:48 AM, Blogger Mum2twopreciousgifts said...

I can't believe 'little' Shayla is getting so tall!! Good on you Angela for going to Boston - violating policy or not. How marvellous for Shayla to have the opportunity to learn about history with her senses rather than just from a book.

Prayers coming to your family from our little family in Australia.

At 10/3/10 5:44 PM, Blogger Erin said...

Wow, what a wonderful reunion! It looks like fun was had by all in Boston. The iPod touch idea was fascinating!

At 10/3/10 8:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What wonderful friends Michele and Sylvia are! How special that they could meet you in the great and fun city of Boston and have that special time with you and Shayla! I'm so glad you had this time together.

At 11/3/10 6:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to come to Dublin! I would love to show you guys around! Do get in touch if you make plans - I would be very pleased to recommend educational or Shayla-friendly activities/places to go and to have a coffee!

Irene x


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