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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Loving this area of Italy. One more school to tour tomorrow and then we will board a train to travel to a city I've never been to before. I'm excited!

(PIC: With a group of 8th graders this morning at our first stop. Shayla will be surprised to know they listen to the same music she does: Hillary Duff, Jason Bieber, etc., wild!)

So many thanks for remembering Christi and for reaching out to us yesterday.
We consider ourselves blessed. I do feel bad about really dumping on Shayne. Typically, I take care of everything with the scholarships (applications were all due yesterday - her birthday). Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago my computer's hard drive crashed so on the way to the airport, I dropped my computer off at BGSU where they are fixing it. Meanwhile students sending applications were getting messages that their emails could not be delivered, despite the fact we really have another way to get into that email account. He's been working with the guidance counselor, letting her know what we received and what we did not. I have been doing this every year. It is a huge hassle and I hate to bother him from his important work with this, but.......I'm still in Italy, touring schools.

And what a great, educational day it was!

Thanks, mom for taking care of Shayla today. Thanks for your email! (Pic: This is the translator we've hired to work for us. She's amazing! Today she wore her daisy shirt for us - what a hoot!)


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