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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day - Thank you to our Service Men & Women!

Thanks to my awesome mom for scanning and sending me these two photos! I love it when she shares old pictures! Honoring my personal military heroes this Memorial Day - my grandfather serving in World War II and my dad serving in the Ohio National Guard.

And to borrow my mom's words exactly: May their rewards be great in heaven for their service to our country. Thanks to their efforts we can enjoy a free country.

I was very happy that Cedar Point offered free admission to anyone with a military card this weekend. We didn't have those, but we did have our season passes so we hopped over, after the wicked storm, Sunday night and had a ball. A few times we got kind of mopey - wishing Christi were with us as Shayla and a friend went from ride to ride. Wereminisced about how much she loved Cedar Point, but we did ok. Shayla always cheers us!

The weekend certainly was a great way for Shayla to start off her summer vacation!

I took too long of a break away from writing my research manuscript, but I finished two great books while on the beach watching Shayne and the girls. I highly recommend both of them, "Unsinkable" and "Turtle in Paradise". My research paper must be hand delivered on Friday morning before I present at the national conference - yikes! May God be with me in getting it finished. I'm on page 20 right now, and all is well, but I have three sections to create yet and things always take longer than you'd think.


At 31/5/11 10:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to let you know that I thought about your sweet girl, Christi, today. We live in Suburban Philadelphia and I heard "Dr. John Maris" on the radio today doing an adverstisement for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. His name rang a bell from the posts I used to read about Christi being treated by him at CHOP. Also, our three children go a Catolic School in Chalfont, Pa. The newly-elected student council members for next year's 8th grade class were invited to deliver all of the soda tabs that our school has collected over the past year to the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia last week. My oldest daughter was a part of that trip to deliver the tabs. I remember vividly your stories of staying there, and your candid descriptions of what a blessing it was to be able to have the option to stay at the Ronald McDonald House when Christi was so sick. I shared some of those stories with all three of our children, in the hopes that they would realize how something as "small" as collecting soda tabs can make a big difference in the lives of those families with very sick children. When she got home from her visit to the Ronald McDonald House, she enlisted the help of her younger sister (9) and brother (6) and made up flyers for our neighborhood, reminding them to collect their soda tabs this summmer. They will collect these tabs every two weeks during the summer, and once a month when school starts in September. So you see, even though your beautiful girl is no longer here with you, she lives on in the hearts of those who never had the privelege of making her acquaintance...

Julie H.


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