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Monday, May 02, 2011

Waiting on the Grave Marker

Without a doubt, I'm probably the only person whoever ordered her daughter's grave marker and then changed her mind and 48 hours later ordered a new one, but......that's exactly what I did!

I've been dreading May 1st because that's when I was told her marker I ordered in February would arrive. So far, no word yet, but I'm not exactly on the phone calling to inquire.
The top marker is the second one I ordered. I changed the photo, added that little cat she drew all the time when she was first diagnosed and moved her name down. I still don't really like it and I thought when I had it together it would "wow" me, but I see it and still feeling nothing. While I'm not at all ready to see it out at the cemetery, I do hope it arrives so and we can move on. The pain is still so great some days, especially now as we are nearing what would have been her 14th birthday. Scholarship applications are rolling in for her annual scholarships we will soon award, but I can't exactly say that gives me comfort right now. Quite frankly, I just wish she were here and I were saving for her college tuition instead.


At 2/5/11 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

why it's shayna not shayne...

At 3/5/11 12:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

*Hugs* I can't even imagine the pain in your hearts but I too wish your beautiful girl were here on earth. I'll never understand why that nasty beast takes so many precious lives.. far too many children are in heaven and it breaks my heart each and every time. Angel Christi, you're forever loved and missed.

At 3/5/11 10:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that the new marker is beautiful. It really is. Christi would love that you included the cat she always drew. From experience, you will never say "WOW". My mother and brother are both buried in the same cemetary and although they have some of the most elaborate markers out there, there never is a time that I thought WOW. Death is such a tradgedy, and all we can do is wait until we meet our loved ones again. None the less, you did a great job and she would be proud of her mama... I think that the new picture is absoulutly stunning... She is such a beauty!
God Bless,

At 4/5/11 12:44 PM, Blogger dklein28 said...

I wanted to let know that the marker you have chosen for Christi is breath takingly beautiful.

Sending you all prayers. May God's love fill your hearts with sweet memories!

Thank you for sharing your blog. I truly love it!!

At 4/5/11 3:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Angela,

if such a thing can be considered "beautiful", then this choice you've made is beautiful. You've had to do what nobody should ever have to do, buy a grave marker for your child. Please please know that Christi's love and generosity stay with everyone who had the privilege of knowing her, and who are blessed to be charged with the honour of continuing her legacy through your foundation.

At 4/5/11 4:10 PM, Anonymous Amber said...

May the 4th be with you, Angela! You're amazing and can do anything you set your mind to! I think both grave markers are "beautiful" (if such a thing can be beautiful!?) I can totally see why you dont like it or connect with it in any way - how could any mother possibly like their childs headstone? I dont know of any who do. I'm sure Christi would love either one...she must be so proud of you for being so brave and so brilliant - You really are a fabulous mum, God certainly gave Christi & Shayla the best!! Many friends of mine have also lost their children to this hideous disease - thats as close as I come to being able to understand your pain, but I know it's nothing less then barbaric. Nothing will ever stop you from wanting Christi back, Nothing could ever possibly replace her. But all I know is that I am so grateful for Christi, I am so grateful to you for sharing her with us. I know many others have said it before me, but Christi really did change my life. She will forever be my inspiration and she will always be a hero! I take my hat off to the Thomas Team! You are all so incredible...Fly, Christi, Fly...You will NEVER be forgotten...Xx.

At 5/5/11 7:32 AM, Anonymous lisa burt said...

I think her marker is beautiful, tasteful and she would be proud of it. God bless.

At 11/5/11 3:14 PM, Blogger Robin said...

I can't imagine having to design a marker like this so it's understandable that you are having difficulty. I do think the new one is beautiful though, and the changes were great. It's a beautiful marker. Thinking of you.

At 25/5/11 8:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The marker is great! I stopped by to see if it was there about a week or so ago and it wasn't yet. I know this is so difficult. Someday our faith will become sight and we will understand so much more.

With Love and Prayers,
Brenda Lucius


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