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Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 SE Christi Thomas Scholarships

I've been home for days and this research article I'm trying to write is just not coming together and I'm really struggling; therefore, I guess I will take a break (again - cough) and post something positive, amazing Seneca East kids!

On Monday morning, Shayla and I went to Seneca East to present this year's scholarships in Christi's memory. It was FABULOUS to be back visiting at SE! I'd not been to the school since I left teaching there in June of 2009. We ended up giving the $1,000 award and we also added seven $100 awards because we felt there were many worthy applicants. I really would have loved to have funded $1,000 for all of them, but Shayla now has this idea of attending college in NYC so I guess we'd better save more for that too (smile).

Congratulations to these wonderful kids! $1,000 - 2011 Christi Thomas Scholarship Winner, Amanda

And $100 book awards go to: Zach, Kelsey, Heather, Candace, Carly, Jacquelynn & Jared - VERY BEST WISHES to all of them! (It's wild seeing my middle schoolers "all grown up" and graduating now, wow!)


At 26/5/11 12:52 PM, Anonymous brooke r. said...

Oh, I hate it when stuff doesn't come together. I know the feeling. Good luck! What is the research about? I hope you don't mind that question. I'm getting more and more into the teacher education world and interested in what others are doing. I'm currently working on my dissertation - technology integration - and working with an AMAZING secondary science ed methods professor on a couple of articles about scientific argumentation and nature of science.

At 27/5/11 8:22 PM, Anonymous Natalie Hollinger said...

Awww!!! My junior high kiddos all grown up!! I continue to pray for you and your family, Angela! And I must say, I did learn from one of the best teachers around! Hope all is well Thomas Trio!


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