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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time to Leave NYC

With the "Sad Dads" - and their wives, all in NYC for a "Solving Kids' Cancer" fundraiser. Did I mention Chelsea Clinton sat at the table next to us? Amazing! Did I mention how terribly sad I thought the fundraising event was, way too emtional for me, especially on Christi's birthday. I think I cried for 40 straight minutes and ended up getting in a cab by myself and heading back to the hotel; I just couldn't take any more.

With our beautiful friend, Nitza. She was Shayla's "Start with Art" preschool teacher at the Met in 2003. She is amazing!

While at the Met we attended an art class, very interesting!

It's time to go home tomorrow. I can't say I'm ready to leave this amazing city, but I miss Shayne and Shayla so I'm looking forward to seeing them. I've learned so much in the past four days, toured absolutely amazing and wonderful NYC schools and enjoyed incredible foods.

Thanks for making all of our amazing school visits possible, dear Olivia!

Thanks to Olivia for putting all of this together and for making this work for us! I have the greatest friends! When I told my boss about a month ago about this grant I wrote and what I was doing she immediately said, "Can I go too? It sounds amazing!" I responded with, "Absolutely; that would be great!" but I was really thinking, "awkward" - was anything but awkward! This trip was so much better this way.

Since we spent so much time with Christi here in treatment NYC can really be a tough (emotional) city. I'm so glad my boss and another colleague - another middle grades literacy assistant professor and my newest colleague "Penny" came with me. I am so blessed!


At 21/5/11 12:31 PM, Anonymous brooke said...

I'm jealous you got to see those schools at work! I wish I could do what you are doing - touring schools. I would love to see technology integration practices.. and now I'm also working in the area of science argumentation and nature of science in the classroom, I'd love to see how science is being taught too. Seriously, I am so jealous!

At 23/5/11 6:31 PM, Blogger Frescuras said...

Dear Angela,
I was recently in New York and remembered much of its history and especially your little girl.
I was very excited when I heard one of the many restautant wherever I have one of the music videos on youtube Christi ("My little girl" - Tim McGraw), somehow it felt that you guys around a lot and prayed for Jesus lighten your heart.

Caresses kisses from Brazil!
Luciana Moraes

At 24/5/11 6:19 PM, Blogger Torah787 said...

Hi! I stumbled across your blog somehow. I found it (and Christi's website) very moving because my best friend had cancer when we were 10. She passed away almost three years later. I wanted to let you know that I am so sorry for your pain of Christi's passing and that I admire your strength so much, but I didn't know how else to contact you other than commenting on your blog, so here it is! Anyway, the devastation of losing someone to this awful beast is.. undescribable. It was 11 years ago for me, but it still hurts. ANYWAY! Sorry to go on like this. I hope you have a blessed spring/summer. God bless you all! -Torah D.


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