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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

5th Annual Trip to Amish Country

Today was one of my favorite days of the year - SCHOOL'S OUT and time for our annual trip to the Amish Country with mom and dad! It was AWESOME!

At the bottom of this entry, I've posted our annual "Buggy Posed Picture" in order from 2007-2011. This year, for the first time, Shayla is TALLER than her grandma.

As usual, Shayla found a friend!

On our buggy ride - amazing!

Shayla found her pattern and fabric for this year's 4H Sewing Project. She's making a sundress (and pretty excited about it)!

Amish Country, 2007

Amish Country, 2008

Amish Country, 2009

Amish Country, 2010

Amish Country, 2011

Again here is our list of favorite things to do and see in the World's Largest Settlement of Amish (Holmes County, Ohio)

1.) Hershberger's (best and most inexpensive baked goods) and their free Petting Zoo
2.) Der Dutchman (for an amazing Amish meal - Shay and I always get Noodles over Mashed Potatoes - so yummy)
3.) Having a Buggy Ride - somewhere, many options
4.) Touring Yoder's two Amish homes and the School
5.) Heini's Cheese (an insane number of free samples - and types of cheese for sale, factory tour, delicious!)

And of course with Shayla's annual "Amish Bingo" it always makes for interesting sightseeing. Last year she planned her game with items for us to find including: a blue ribbon, a house with at least 50 chickens, an Amish person using a cell phone, children selling produce in a yard and many other interesting and intriguing items. This year's included interesting items as well (goat or sheep with baby, pay phone, Amish made purse from China, etc.) Gotta love her!


At 1/6/11 9:01 PM, Blogger Holly said...

I always enjoy reading about your trips to the Amish country! My oldest grandson has passed me up this year too! I seem to be moved from the back row of the pictures to the front row. It's all good! Shayla is absolutely beautiful, such a lovely young woman. You must be so proud!

Love Holly Hart from Katy Texas


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