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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4H Judging Time

What a treat to run into both Theresa and Kaylyn (Christi's great friends) at judging today. They were some of the 4H assistants and I am thrilled I got to chat with them. I'm sure Christi was smiling down from Heaven! May God richly bless those amazing, loving and wonderful young ladies! They will always be so very special to us. (And check out their heights! Wow, would Christi be so tall now?!)

Today Shayla finished the last of her 4H Judging. There were about 23 in her Sewing Division and about 40 in her Scrapbook Division. Regardless of what the judges decide, she's first place in my book!

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the gorgeous "casual and girl" (her description) blue sundress she made with her amazing 4H advisor (Melody) and my mother. She was interviewed and judged for that last Saturday.

Shayla said the judge loved how she did her seams, but said she should have pressed her zipper better and that the ruffles aren't quite even. She also said she should have pulled out the basting better. Shayla said, "I was afraid if I pulled the wrong string the entire bottom of my dress would fall off, mom!" LOL! Love that gal! So proud of her! So glad we have a seamstress in our home!

This year's scrapbook is not as large as last year's, but she has over 20 pages and they are all fabulous. I will have a wonderful keepsake when she goes off to college!

Scrapbook Interview / Judging

Thanks to the beautiful Grant family for this awesome Christmas gift! Shayla loved this scrapbook! She added her name with mailbox letters and glued flowers to "bling up" the cover. And the flowers brought a lot of humor. It was like she was a flower girl in a wedding. They kept falling off and she kept pushing them back on. She was trying to keep them from the judge by slowly sliding her hand up to the table where they dropped and smashing them in her hand so the judge wouldn't realize her flowers were all falling. What a hoot! Then when the judge told her to leave her book so she could show the other judge and to go sit down disaster really struck (LOL)! As they opened and closed the book AGAIN, more flowers fell off. It was so funny! Then Shayla was dismissed. As she was walking back to me the petals were again falling off. We laughed so hard once we were in the car! She decided it was pretty but definitely not her best scrapbooking idea ever! LOL!

Now that these elective projects are over she can solely focus on her Equestrian Events. She's been working most every day with Dusty and her horse trainer. She cannot wait for the Fair Week to begin. Our deepest thanks to all of the wonderful and kind 4H Advisors and Volunteers! They make amazing things happen for families and we are so very grateful! Here's wishing you and yours a fabulous week! ENJOY!


At 16/7/11 11:04 PM, Anonymous Holly Whittet said...

What a lovely sundress and scrapbook Shayla. I am looking forward to hearing all about show week


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