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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday Night's Dance Recital

A year's hard work was celebrated last night at the 2011 Dance Unlimited recital. I was able to sit with a former colleague and I had a lovely time. I must have cried so many times while reading the scholarship applicants' applications and deciding what I was going to say, that - for the first time - I didn't cry while awarding this year's Christi Thomas Scholarship. Every time I read through my script, tears came out of nowhere so I'm so glad I made it through pretty well. (And Shayne made up for my not crying in the theater this year. He cried on the way there, during my speech, on the way home. I think we're even, LOL!) I will post the scholarship information in the very near future. One more recital to enjoy first!

Annual "watch" picture in front of the theater

Shayla with ballet friends (Thanks for the pic, Kim!)

Shayla with one of her dance teachers - notice the "orb". Heather was also Christi's ballet and jazz teacher.

Thanks for coming, Nee Nee!

Shay and friend with Hip Hop outfits on

Time to go home to enjoy our annual "after dance recital snacks", reminiscing and bed!


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