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Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day 2011

I ordered the plaque in February. Called in May to see if it arrived and was told yes, but it was too wet to set it in the cemetery. Imagine my shock when my aunt came to the ballet recital last Saturday night and whispered to me, "Did you know Christi's marker is in the cemetery? It looks nice." I had no clue.

We wanted to all be together the first time we saw it so before church on Sunday we headed out to the cemetery. I wanted to take flowers out to my father's grave anyway so it seemed like we were being told it was the day to do this. Not that I think this is lovely at all - it's not. It is actually sickening; however, it really looks better in person than in the pictures and I was very pleasantly surprised that it really is fabulous - if that sort of thing can be fabulous.

I'm certain this is not how Shayne would have preferred to spend his father's day at all and quite frankly I was surprised when he said, "You did a wonderful job, Angela. It looks amazing!" because he had tears streaming down his face the entire time we were out there. I didn't think he saw anything. He polished her marker and Dad's too.

(PIC: Shayla arranges the flowers we bought for her big sister.)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day! Our weekend didn't go at all as we had planned, but we've learned sometimes God throws curve balls at you and you need to just go with it! Our camper was delivered to the fairgrounds on Thursday and Shayne and I were literally jumping up and down so excited to be back in it for the horse show the next day. We got everything all set up out there on Friday and then Shayla's first horse show of the season was cancelled due to weather. Oops!

Instead, we got to enjoy a visit with my grandma who turned 92 the day before and we also attended a lovely wedding on Shayne's side of our family. Sunday was to be Shayne's first triathlon of the year (as he's completed in for the last maybe seven years on Father's Day) and the two of us ended up cuddling at the movie theater (watching a great 3D film - Green Lantern, I guess we don't need Netflicks or the red box completely taking over the industry because the 3D was awesome!). Shayla went to a different movie with a friend. All of that was a complete turn around from our plans, but it was ok! We are blessed! And so far this week all is well: Shayla's in a couple of camps and loving them so far while I've been teaching my online classes and providing transportation as needed. I'm a lucky gal!

We were so pleased to see this from the "Chatty Cathy Club" - Christi's school friends. THANK YOU!Thank you to all of the sweet Christi's supporters for the many items we found out at her grave site. May you be richly blessed for your unbelievable love, concern and compassion. Thanks for making our journey a bit easier by showering us with your love! It may have taken me four and a half years to get her resting place complete, but I did it! And I'm glad that is behind me, finally. All I have left now is that book to write, hmmmmmmm. (Don't cross your fingers. I wrote the first chapter of our journey a year ago and cried for a week. I can't imagine even starting chapter two. Heck, chapter one was just about life BEFORE Christi arrived.)


At 20/6/11 10:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem possible that I have been following your family's story since Christi was diagnosed. Your enthusiasm fascinated me years ago when you presented at a NWOEA inservice. Your energy and enthusiam continue to amaze me. Thank you for continuing to share your journey with us. We may not comment often, but we check in weekly to find out what new goals have been set and met! Have a great summer....

At 20/6/11 10:44 PM, Blogger D said...

I dont know what quite to say - Christi's plaque is very nice.... you did do a wonderful job, Angela. I really like the picture change from option 1. You are an amazingly strong family. Shayla looked so sweet arranging the flowers for her big sister...oooooh why? UGH!

Happy you are enjoying your online teaching experience and hoping Shayla's next Horse Show goes on as planned!

At 21/6/11 9:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's beautiful, Angela. I think you did Christi proud! I can't believe how vivid her picture is on the stone!

Wendy Landers
Concord, GA

At 23/6/11 8:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You deserve a huge pat on the back for getting over this hurdle. I never had the opportunity to be a Mom so don't know the path you have walked. From my side of the table you & Shayne have been totally amazing through this terrible deck of cards you were dealt. You look at all the blessings and give thanks ... how wonderful is that? The grave marker is a very special one for a very special little girl. It doesn't make any difference how long it took you to decide on what type of grave marker to order. Give yourself some slack!!! You were teaching full time, were an attentive wife and mother, AND a student working toward a doctorate.

So many couples can't handle losing a child and so they split up. So glad that you two were able to lean on each other, keep the lines of communication open and grieve together to get to the place you are now.

Congratulations to the whole Thomas team for taking the high road and looking only towards the positives in this life. You are a great inspiration and model for all of us. Have a great summer and make some wonderful memories together :-)

Sincerely, Mary Lou

At 24/6/11 10:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think your book will be fabulous no matter how long it takes I wil be sure to buy it! Bless you all rip gorgeous Christi! Love from Australia

At 24/6/11 12:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the plaque is amazing. I cannot believe how grown-up Shay is. simply gorgeous! Still following :) and remembering sweet Christi.
Hugs from Wisconsin!
Amy Brown

At 26/6/11 3:01 PM, Anonymous Amber said...

Angela; Whilst I don't believe a child's grave marker is ever beautiful - I do believe Christi's grave marker is perfect, just like she was. It's so simple, elegant and beautiful - You've done such an amazing job. It's so sweet that The Chatty Cathy Club left that little memorial for Christi, how thoughtful and loving. Shayne; you were the best father to Christi and continue to be to Shayla. Your daughters are very lucky to have such a wonderful dad. You're such an incredible family! Angela - I can't wait to read your book, I don't mind waiting another 4 and a half years for it; I know it'll be worth it! Your beautiful daughter will never be forgotten, especially now that she has this gorgeous lasting tribute marking her resting place - Fly, Christi, Fly - We love & miss you sweetie!! xxx

At 1/7/11 10:38 AM, Blogger Land family said...

Well said Amber. It's hard to call such a sad tragic thing "gorgeous" or "lovely", but for what it is, I don't think it could have been done better. I love that you added her drawing as well. You did a fabulous job.

At 4/7/11 10:04 AM, Blogger Robin said...

The marker turned out great, it is truly a beautiful marker for Christi.


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