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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Making Memories

St. Agatha’s - St. James’ Church was beautiful for mass this morning, as always. After lunch, Christi wanted to take Shayne to Franklin Institute to “show Daddy the giant heart” so we again put our COSI membership to good use and enjoyed the afternoon at the science center after a long, cold walk there. Christi’s stomach was queasy so instead of taking a cab back as we had planned we walked back to the Ronald House – close to two uphill miles with the strong wind blowing. We could only laugh about the good work out we were getting and wondered how Aunt Marty was doing………..

Today was the Arnold “Pump and Run” event in Columbus which Marty and Shayne were both registered to compete in. Aunt Marty did a great job and we’re very proud of her!!! (Because Shayne wasn’t there Jeff registered for Shayne and ran a bit with Shayne’s number on it which made us laugh here in Philadelphia today!)

So far, no fever and Christi continues to feel very well. I expect that she will need a platelet transfusion tomorrow and with the look of her pale lips, it won’t surprise me if she needs a blood transfusion too. We’ve thoroughly been blessed with Shayne’s presence this weekend and I’m certain we’ll both be very sad when he needs to leave us tomorrow. (He'll update the blog with pics when he get home and gets a chance. We're unable to add them here at the Ronald House.)


At 5/3/06 8:07 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Hi Angela, Shayne and Christi,

I'm so glad you were able to enjoy the museum again today. And a good workout too. :)

Praying hard every day for Christi.

WAY TO GO Marty!! You had very nice weather for racing.

Lots of love,tons of prayers,

At 5/3/06 8:45 PM, Blogger Anna said...

Praise God for another great day!

Sounds like transfusion time to me as well. Hopefully it will pass quickly.

Praying for no fevers, and a safe trip home for Shayne (can't wait to see pics).


At 5/3/06 9:12 PM, Anonymous Colleen Kashino said...

Hi Thomas Team,

Thinking about you guys all the time, loving reading about the time away from the hospital that you are enjoying with Christi, hoping Shayla is hanging in there and that Christi continues to feel relatively well through her round.

You are all amazing.

With love and prayers,


At 5/3/06 9:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved reading your most recent post mentioning St. Agatha St. James church. It evokes so many memories for me .. the former pastor was a good friend to my family, my beloved dad volunteered for Fr. Zeuner as their financial consultant once he retired and finally my eight year old daughter was baptized there. I hope that being there brings you peace and comfort as it has to me many times. God bless you for a fever-free week for Christi and a safe journey home for your husband.

The Rae Family

At 6/3/06 10:27 AM, Anonymous Lisa said...

Two miles up hill. Wow. Great to know Christie is feeling so well. Long may it continue! Love and prayers to you all.

At 6/3/06 10:55 AM, Anonymous Candy Belanger said...

Praying that Christi continues to feel well and that her queasy tummy isn't too bothersome for her. Hugs to all of you!!

At 6/3/06 1:32 PM, Blogger Brigid and Celie said...

Hi Christi!

We're so glad that you had so much fun with your mom and dad this weekend! They are really cool - just like you and Shayla! We hope you keep feeling better & better!!

Brigid and Celie

At 6/3/06 1:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are continuing to think good thoughts for you Christi. We hope that this next round of Chemo does the trick. You have a great doctor! We love you and your family (including the animals!)
Jodie and Karlie

At 6/3/06 10:44 PM, Blogger Chris Walden in Brighton, MI said...

Glad to hear that Christi's been feeling so well and you were able to spend a wonderful weekend with Shayne!

Hmmm...wonder if I saw Jeff or Aunt Marty at the Pump and Run! I was there watching my niece compete in gymnastics and the Pump and Run participants were everywhere! :)

Can't wait to see the pics from your weekend!




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