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Thursday, October 18, 2007

"New Friends" by Christi

(PHOTO: 4th grade, age 8)

I'll share a few pictures of Christi here that I've never before shared. PHOTO: October 04 (age 7)

I recently came across Christi's 3rd grade school journal. She wrote these items when she was seven and in the same teacher's class as Shayla is now in.

"New Friends" by Christi

I make lots of new friends. All different kinds, short and tall. Everybody that was in my class last year, is in my class this year. Those are my old friends. My new friends were in the other second grade and that is nice about new friends.

I've loved reading her writings in her little handwriting. This one cracked me up:


My favorite sandwich is bologna and cheese on plain white bread with a lot of cheese. Cold bologna without the crust is best.

I now see that it was some time in 3rd grade when she started dotting her i's with that precious little heart, instead of a dot, she continued until her death.

I feel excited when I am about to get a surprise. Once when I got a surprise it was milk and cookies!

The following appears to be a pros and cons list of being a vet, her dream career

YES: because I love animals
I could keep a cat in my office.
I will make great money.
I am good with pets.

NO: I might have to get up at night to cure emergencies.
I won't see my family as much because I'll be working.
I'd also have to be like a dentist to animals.
Some pets bite.

PHOTO: October 04 (age 7) While sitting and crying in Christi's room on Sunday, I picked up a quiz / journal style book. I had to show Shayne the part where she wrote she was most comfortable in her bedroom and two people she could always go and talk to were "mom" and "dad". Somehow I think our little angel knew I needed some comfort and led me to picking up that special book.

Goodbye! We want to play - without you (smile).

A Christi Art Project; I LOVED this!!


At 18/10/07 9:40 PM, Blogger Kimberly said...

She's beautiful and a very talented artist. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your memories.

- Kimberly

At 18/10/07 10:44 PM, Blogger Sheila Ferrell said...

Dear Thomas Family,
I remain totally honored that you continue to share your lives and your precious memories of Christi with the world. That little girl definitely left her fingerprint on the hearts of so many. You must be so proud that you were selected to be her family. Her super sweetness continues to bless people every day. I pray that she sends you angel kisses and that she continues to guide you when you need it the most.

At 19/10/07 8:13 PM, Anonymous micaela said...

I love her fingernail in the second to last picture. How cute! I don't think I've ever seen a picture of Christi's room. She had definate style.

- Micaela

At 20/10/07 10:07 PM, Anonymous Laura Lynn said...

All of these sweet memories, pictures, and stories by Christi are just too precious; thank you so much for sharing each and every one. I just watched the video and it was amazing to watch her and hear her voice. I haven't stopped in to sign in a while but continue to check in and pray for you all the time.

For Prayer Support:

My two little miracle nephews:


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