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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Last Diagnosis Scrapbook Page

This one is another I'll never forget. Christi had to get her 3rd IV in two days. She was a good sport for the first two (smile). I'll never forget how strong she was and how she was fighting their hands away from letting them attempt yet another IV. At one point she screamed, "You stick that thing in me I'm going to rip it out and stick it in you." Of course I was totally embarassed and I felt so bad for her I was crying too. The nurses told me to leave and that they'd strap her down and get it in so I had to leave. I look at this page and I am reminded Christi didn't forget that either. I'm certain if I would have thought to show this page to Christi before she died she would have been embarassed about hearing what she yelled at the nurses, but then we would have had a great big laugh over it! On this page she wrote the words herself and I had to frown as I saw her being "strapped down" picture and the frown on my face as I had to leave her. A cure for this beast really can't come soon enough; no child should have to make realistic drawings like this, ergh!


At 11/10/07 4:57 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

This page breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes. You're right, Angela. No child should ever have to make drawings like this one.

At 12/10/07 8:50 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

Christi's drawings were so expressive - so sweet. Still praying for you all and hoping that whatever has upset you all is settling down, goodness knows you have been through enough. Love and prayer.

At 13/10/07 12:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss Christi.


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