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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wallet & Wall

When the "CP Ticket Winner" (smile) told me she would be bringing three college students with her to CP this weekend, I realized I needed to send $10.00 to pay for their parking. It's included with the season passes, but college students don't have $10 sitting around. I decided Christi would most likely want to help out so I went to her (untouched) purse and took out the little paper wallet she made. It was "bursting" with lots of ones!! With tears pouring down my cheeks, thinking of Christi and all of the sweet angels who helped us out for so long, I took out $10.00 and mailed it off with the tickets. It felt wonderful finally being able to do something nice for someone else!

(PHOTO: Thus is the other side of the little wallet she made; I know it won't last forever - she put tape all over it to "protect it" and I know it'll be yellow before long. Regardless, I thought it was so cute.)

There was a sweet surprise waiting for me after school today. I went to the Berg to teach the last class session this semester as the students now head out to their assigned schools for their practice teaching. While my students were taking their final exam, I noticed a huge post it note on the wall. It read:

To the Thomas Team:

Thank you for the donation from Christi's Memorial Fund for new supplies in the Early Childhood Classroom.

Your Heidelberg Family

Back in September, we had donated $500 from the Christi Thomas Memorial Fund for the Education Department to purchase some needed items. Their sign with the many personalized signatures on it, now hangs on our kitchen wall! I love it! THANK YOU!

It was bittersweet to walk out tonight. Many of the sweet students gave me hugs and thanks as they left. Because I will be teaching a graduate class for Ohio State (Middle Childhood Language Arts) starting in January, I won't return to the wonderful Heidelberg until summer when I'm scheduled to teach a grad class. The students and faculty at the Berg are absolutely amazing and I have been blessed beyond belief to have had the past five semesters of working and learning from and with them. God is good! Go Berg!!


At 24/10/07 8:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For some reason the Blogger is having a bad day and I can't see the pics. Instead all I'm getting is an 'x' where the three pics should be :( I'll just have to use my imagination to 'see' what they look like :) Have a great day Thomas Team!!


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