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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Horse Holiday Program

An Oldie But Goodie: Photo taken at my sister's home just before Christmas. I am 7 months pregnant with Shayla and 1 year old Christi is in her jammies.

Thomas team thanks to Sylvia and her family for this most precious ChriStmas gift!! Shayla found the perfect spot on the tree for this amazing etching of Christi! This ornament will not be packed in a box in January; I think it will look lovely hanging somewhere all year. I really do try not to make our house a "Christi Shrine" but.....I loved her so!! How can we not?!

We really enjoyed watching Shayla & Buddy (and all of the other girls and their horses) ride in their Holiday Program. Claire bought Santa hats to fit over their riding helmets. They put red and gold bows and streamers on the horses’ tails and we thought they did a fabulous job of riding their horses in different patterns and styles to their songs. Shayne and I were so pleased that some friends and family members were able to attend for Shayla.
It was great they were able to come back to our house for sandwiches and conversation.

After school on Friday I took Shayla to the doctor’s for yet another ear ache. Much to my disappointment, after two years, her last ear tube has fallen out and what now? In Chicago last weekend she started in with an ear ache. She’s had three sets of tubes in five years. It seems to me every time the tubes fall out, she’s with ear aches again. I know this isn’t a big problem, like cancer; however, because she has had irreversible hearing loss from the infections and because she is allergic to two antibiotics and isn’t a good candidate for them, I called the doctor back this morning to get a referral to a specialist – a different specialist than we’ve been working with for five years. I should have a new doctor to call on Monday and hopefully we’ll get her problems fixed soon. Unlike neuroblastoma right now, there has to be something out there to help kids!

At the “History Mystery” dinner at the President Hayes Center last spring, I won four tickets to the Christmas Tea to be held tomorrow. We were excited about dressing up and meeting Grandma Nee Nee there. Well, due to the snow storm going on outside right now they called to cancel. They said they will let us attend next December. Although there is a winter storm going on, we’re not to far from the Ritz so we will be heading out to see the Chicago Ballet’s performance of “The Nutcracker” tonight. Shayla, our snow lover, has high hopes of playing in the snow tomorrow; we'll see.

We received some glorious phone calls this week! Our sweet friends are going to soon be adopting their baby!! Jenn called us to thank us for writing a letter of support for them nearly two years ago. They will be fabulous parents and I just wish it would not have taken them so long to finally get their child! Jennifer called to tell us Kids Cancer Crusade received its non-profit status! She’s worked so hard for such a great cause! And Shayne’s nephew, Josh, had a baby girl on Thursday! I think we’ll need to make a trip to Phoenix soon; babies just don’t stay little for long! Hee hee! May this precious baby be blessed with good health and happiness.


At 15/12/07 9:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you see all of the orbs around Shayla and her horse??? Those photos are simply packed with them! Amazing...

At 15/12/07 11:11 PM, Blogger Kimberly said...


One of my girls also has a similar problem with her tubes. Everytime they fall out, instant ear infection! Our ENT suggested having her adenoids removed and I feel that has been the trick. Now everything drains better.One full year and no problems, no pain. I do hope things work out for Shayla. Please, try not to beat yourself up. Yeah, it isn't cancer but it is your little girl that is suffering.
My other daughter Mackenzie is hearing imparied and was born with a congenital defect. She has a long road ahead of her. I think about Christi often and say, " It could be worse". That makes me feel very thankful but the worry for all the pain that my little girl will go through still causes me sleepless nights and anguish. God bless you all. I will pray that you find the right doc with the right answers for your Shayla. You all are an inspiration. Take care!


At 16/12/07 12:51 PM, Blogger E[l]I[z]DOLON[a] said...

Dear Thomas Team,
I think of you daily and am so struck by the beautiful young woman Shayla is becoming.

I hope this holiday season brings you much joy and love amidst the pain of Christi's physical absence. I am sure she is with you in spirit and heart.

Much love,

At 16/12/07 5:28 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Gorgeous pictures of Shayla with her horse. I bet the girls did a great job!

I hope you are safe and snug due to the storm. Due be careful out there.

And congratulations to your friends and to Josh! Babies are the best! :)

Lots of love and prayers to all of you,

At 16/12/07 9:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too had frequent ear aches as a child and have some hearing loss. I know this sounds silly, but I found if I laid the ear I had trouble with on a heating pad at the first sign of pain, I had far ear aches. I know it sounds absolutely silly, but it worked wonders. I never needed tubes after using that trick.

At 17/12/07 10:19 AM, Anonymous Amanda said...

My daughter (she is 8) had her first set of tubes at 9 months. Since then has had 4 others, adnoids removed, and has even had to have the tubes removed due to severe infections. Finally after a year of antibiotics every month I told the doc that something had to be done for her. Come to find out she has had a hole in her eardrum this whole time. Unfortunately with every infection the perferation got bigger. Just last week we had a Tympanoplasty done. She is on the mend and we will see if the skin graph took in the ear. What they do is take a graph of skin from her head and surgacly attach it to the ear drum to repair the hole. they then pack the ear with a gell like packing that disolves on it's own in about 1-2 weeks. The procedure has a 80-90 percent success rate. I hope they find out what to do for Shayla, poor little girl.

At 17/12/07 11:57 AM, Anonymous Lisa said...

hey hey hey!!!

I love that ornament, its beautiful!!!! Just a quick note after reading the latest, my sister, who is 11, (jenny). She had many sets of tubes, after they'd fall out her ear infections would return, and she kept getting tubes and as I said as a result she is now hard of hearing. Not that it matters but, just letting you know that I dealt with tubes and such for 11yrs now so thought i'd share what i have learned. :)

Hope you guys have a blessed Christmas holiday. :)


ps. thanks for signing my guestbook.

At 17/12/07 3:58 PM, Anonymous Rebecca, England UK said...

Shayla is sooo beautiful, i think you could have a model on your hands there!

At 19/12/07 8:43 AM, Blogger Olivia said...

Shayla, you are absolutely gorgeous and your bangs have grown so much!!

It definitely looks like the horse show was a hit. :o) I hope you liked the Nutcracker. I've seen it a few times and never seem to get tired of it.

The ornament etching is absolutely beautiful!

Congrats to Jennifer on the KCC news. How amazing!


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