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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


This may have been the most lovely Christmas tree, I'd ever put my eyes on. It was one of the many trees in the hotel lobby and it was stunning! We had enough hotel points for a free two night stay and breakfast at the Palmer House Hilton, a very old (135 years) historic hotel and absolutely gorgeous - all decorated for the holidays. The location was perfect for being able to walk everywhere and it was simply magical. Ironically, it was the same hotel we stayed with the girls back in 2000 when I had a teachers' conference and we remember so many things about Christi in that amazing hotel! We miss that little sweetpea and wish we could take a picture of TWO girls in front of the tree; yet, we realize how very, very blessed we have to have ONE!

Thank you, sweet bloggers! Without a doubt, we have the smartest and sweetest bloggers on earth!The guesses were all fabulous: NYC or Chicago! Way to go!! Shayne asked me what I wanted for my 40th birthday. I said, "to go to Chicago." That amazing man said, "OK, we can do that. Look at the calendar and find a weekend." It was a magical 40 hours for my 40th birthday celebration in the windy city!

Where O' Where Photos:

American Girl Store-waiting in line for the 9:00 AM doors to open on Saturday.
Ice Skating- in Millennium Park (Incredible....and free if you have your own skates, no line either, whew!)
Field History Museum- in front of dinosaur "Sue". (Thanks to our COSI pass, we enjoyed free admission!)
Christkindle Market with sweet Christi supporters
Macy's - Amazing Storefront Windows. WOW!
Before going to see "Wicked"

(PHOTO: March 2006 in Philadelphia on a four hour "pass" from the hospital.) Seeing "Wicked" was the favorite for all of us. Shayne and I had to exchange a few looks during the show as we were really missing Christi. Christi ABSOLUTELY LOVED this musical when she saw it in Philadelphia in March of 2006. She had memorized two of the songs and after her death, it was many months before I would play the CD for Shayla because it was too hard for me. Now Shayla has the same two songs completely memorized "Loathing" and "Popular" and I have to sometimes catch my breath because it sounds like Christi! I love hearing her precious little voice sing as we drive and listen to the CD my sister sent to Christi, but how it always makes my heartache as I miss Christi's voice so much!

We were in awe by the fascinating window displays at Macy's. I'd never seen anything like that! This year's theme "The Nutcracker" - perfect as I just read Shayla that story last week in preparation for us to go to the Nutcracker this weekend at the Ritz!

Shayla really enjoyed the Art Institute. She asked to sketch in one of the galleries. She did and it reminded us so much of the many art museums Christi loved to sketch in.

Recently, Shayla told me the thing she misses most about Christi being gone is not having a playmate. When she asked me what I missed most, I told her when Christi would snuggle her little body into my lap or arms and cuddle with me. (Although it really is hard to try to decide just one thing I miss most that just came to me.)


At 11/12/07 8:49 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Looks like a great weekend in Chicago! I am quite jealous. I live about 2.5 hours away and really want to see Wicked sometime. I love those Macy windows!

At 11/12/07 10:40 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Ahh Chicago another great City- I've never visted there- would you recommend it to me Shayla? :)

I'm so sorry Angela and Shayne that there are not two girls in the Christmas picture nor two girls in your arms.

Missing and remembering Christi with you tonight!

Lots of love and prayers,

At 11/12/07 11:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Orbs ahoy! There are several orbs in the photos of Shane and Shayla ice-skating and a lovely one on the right of the Christmas tree above Shayla. I have never seen so many orbs as I have in your photos. Numerous ones of Christi also contain these glowing bulbs of energy. There is something very special about your family.

At 12/12/07 11:03 AM, Blogger Vickie said...

Happy 40th Angela! The Palmer House in Chicago in the Christmas season was a brilliant choice. So sad that you were three instead of four.

Anyway, welcome to your fifth decade. I must say that despite the difficulties and heartaches, this decade has been one of my absolute favorites. I wish the same for you!



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