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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wedding Bells

Yesterday, we had the incredible privilege of attending the most beautiful wedding of one of my former (2nd grade) students and (7th and 8th) grade cheerleaders. Everything was absolutely perfect, delightful and lovely! Brittane comes from a fabulous family and it was great to see everyone - although our time was too short as we had to get to a family Christmas gathering. I cannot even explain how powerful it was catching up with so many of my former students and their parents. Shayne asked me, "How can you remember and ask them about classmates not here?" I had to explain being a teacher is like being a parent; you just remember your students.

Shayla was in all her glory - thoroughly enjoying EVERY part of the wedding: lighting the unity candles during Mass, ringing little wedding bells (and getting to keep them) as the newly weds came out of the church, seeing the limo, the toasts, the cake cutting - she LOVED it ALL!! She didn't remember ever attending a wedding before so I enjoyed explaining the different traditions to her. She really wanted to get her picture taken with Brittane - who of course was very busy, but we got one! Now I need to find the photo I have of Brittane, as an 8 year old, with me at our wedding. I think that will make Shayla laugh! Our very best wishes to this beautiful couple!
Perhaps you can see the excitement in Shayla. She was extremely excited waiting for the bridge and groom to appear outside the church. When they did, she happily rang the little bell we each were given. May they be blessed with a very long life together, filled with happiness and good health!

I don't know if Christi would have been old enough to remember this or not, but she loved going to this wedding. In this picture, we went to check out the horse drawn carriage. (It brought the bride and her father to the wedding.) Christi thought it was very neat! It was one of the many reasons I wanted a horse drawn carriage for her funeral.

It was great to be with Shayne's mom's family last night! As you can see, Grandma Nee Nee's leg is doing MUCH better. She has another surgery in January, but she is getting around really well - all things considered. When I told Shayla to sit on the floor with me so the elderly could sit on the couch that was enough to make Joan cough at me and sit on the floor. (She was not about to be considered elderly! hee hee). Of course, when we left, I think she may have still been sitting on the floor......hmmmmm. We'll see if she arrives at our house tomorrow night for Christmas Eve, or if we need to run back to Crestline to get her - hee hee.



At 23/12/07 10:08 AM, Anonymous micaela said...

Shayla looks like she had a fabulous time at the wedding. The way her hair was done was just beautiful.

And yes I did catch that Shayla brough a little friend sledding the first time I saw the picture. What a hoot!


At 23/12/07 6:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you as Christmas gets closer. I recently started a blog, and thought of Christi when I wrote in it today. If you are up to it, check it out at

Megan in NC

At 23/12/07 9:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, my, that fancy black coat sporting that wonderful hairdo, you look more like a lady than a young stunning:)

I send Peace and Joy to all of the Thomas' for a Blessed Holiday.

Merry Christmas....

At 24/12/07 6:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Shayla, Angela & Shayne,

Sending you love and my very best wishes for as peaceful holiday season as possible. I know how much you miss Christi & it is more than unfair that yuor family cannot all be together in the ordinary way. Instead you have a painful yet magical way of being. I'm sure that your speical Christmas Angel will be having a wonderful Christmas in heaven and with her fmaily on earth at the same time- only someone as amazing and clever as Christi could manage that.

As always am thinking of you all every day but with even more love than usual just now.

With love

Nicky xx

Dearest Christi,

You are loved & missed so much by so many people, perhaps more than you could ever know. Keep smiling, playing, dancing and teaching us all of life's important lessons from heaven and most importantly please keep sending your loving signs to mom, dad & Shayla to let them know you're OK. Although I never got to meet you in person, you're such a big part of my life now and I can truthfully say that you and your family inspire me each and every day so thank you honey. Merry Christams to heaven's most special little angel.

Nicky xx


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