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Friday, May 02, 2008

A Few New Photos

Shayla's school picture - my how school pictures have changed over the years!

(PICTURE: My mom snapped this one of Christi decorating cookies. I don't think I ever paid close attention to it before but she was doing one of her favorite things here - dreaming about "Rudy". Oh, how she loved to root for the underdog and play "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" when she was four years old!! I just wish I could share all of these special stories with her but she'd think it was so cute and so funny now I'm certain. Now I find I tell Shayla lots of "Christi Stories" instead.)

I'm not certain why the blogger monster is acting up again - randomly striking out photos, but I just scanned a few more and I hope they'll work! (Fingers crossed.) Shayla snapped this picture of Buttercup and I thought it was so cute. I still wonder (especially when I see the cat hair in the house!) how and why this cat outlived it's owner, ergh! Sometimes I still want to scream about it all.

Tomorrow will be dance recital pictures. Of course, I still vividly remember that day two years ago (a delightful treat that Christi was actually home from Philly and well enough to make the pictures. She was so into her "Hank the Cowdog" books that she could hardly get her nose out of her book while friends from her classes were trying to talk to her. I finally whispered in her ear something like, "Put your book down now; you're being rude!". Shayla's ballet and jazz recital for Dance Unlimited is on Saturday, June 7th and Sunday, June 8th. On Saturday we will award this year's $1,000 C.T. Scholarship Winner. I will need to order our block of tickets soon, so please let me know if you want me to get tickets. Just email me at THANKS!

Now that our lease with Skeeter started, Shayla's responsible for cleaning his stall. Thankfully, the stable is incredibly close to our home. Kelsey worked with her after school today and Shayla was loving it all!

Many thanks to all who have made a donation to Christi's Memorial Fund by purchasing the "Tea Time Packets". Olivia has been very busy and I've received many lovely comments on the treats - thanks everyone! The due date for the three $1,000 Christi's Scholarships (Fremont St. Joe, Seneca East, & Dance Unlimited) is Christi's birthday - May 12th.


At 2/5/08 8:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shayla, you look just gorgeous!! I wish MY school pictures were that awesome, I'm from the generation of boring school photos, heehee. :)What a lovely photo you took of Buttercup!! You're becoming quite the wee photographer I see!! I hope you have fun leasing Skeeter- horses and their care are such fun! (I've ridden for years, heehee!) It's lots of work but really rewarding! (Well, I'm not sure how rewarding cleaning stalls is, but there's got to be something to learn in there I'm sure, something about a work ethic maybe. *winks*)

Angela & Shayne- I love the precious photo of beautiful Christi!! What a precious wee girl she was!!

Can't wait to see the photos from Shayla's recital! Good luck sweetie!

At 2/5/08 9:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shayla sweetie that is just the cutest school photo ever! Or, as Christi would have said, you look stylin' cute!

At 3/5/08 3:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh Shayla - you look amazing and very grown up. I can't believe how much you have changed in the last two years. Thanks Angela for sharing that awesome picture .

And what a cute picture of Christi. Keep sharing Christi pictures :)

With love,

Always in my thoughts.

At 4/5/08 1:12 AM, Blogger Hilary said...

What a beautiful pic of Shayla! I can't believe how grown-up she looks. Love the Christi photo too - adorable!


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