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Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's Genetic!

(Christi, "Grandma" Donna holding Shayla, on Christi's 5th birthday - May 2002)

Our deepest thanks to many who helped us through Mother's Day and Christi's Birthday. Although it was anything but a "celebration" the Grants sent us TastyCakes from Philadelphia (Christi loved them) and I shared them with my teaching colleagues the next day in honor of the birthday. Shayla's teacher grew up in Philly so she was equally excited. We received some lovely cards, donations were made to her memorial fund and a friend of Christi's (who happened to be a boy) left the sweetest message on our answering machine, much to our shock and delight! Thanks to all who helped us by letting us know you care! Your love means so much! THANK YOU!

Right before Christi's birthday, a sweet blogger keyed me in to some breaking news about neuroblastoma. The next day we heard of this wonderful news from Dr. Maris. I can tell you that the news was VERY comforting to me! Doctor Maris and Dr. Kushner, Christi's NYC doctor (and others) discovered that neuroblastoma is caused by genetics! That news I can handle! If it would have been determined to be environmental factors, I don't know how I'd be doing today. I had hoped for so long, it was caused by a genetic fluke - and it is!!

For YEARS, I have wondered and worried that I did something to give Christi cancer. Everything I read, did not have an answer, but lead me to believe children's cancers are not usually environmental because the children are so young. Despite that information, I still wondered if I ate or breathed something wrong when I was pregnant, or if I pushed her stroller where they were spraying pesticides when she was a toddler or what. My mind went on and on and on. I vividly remember a conversation with "Angel" Emma's mom at the Ronald House in NYC about this. We thought one day we would know, but I really did not think "one day" would be SOOOOOOOO soon! I do feel like there is a weight off of my shoulders. (And it's such a fluke, there is no need to test Shayla.) Now, we just need to find that cure! Hopefully, once again, "one day" won't be so long!

Here are some articles and a great little video clip, showing Dr. Maris and Anna taking about this new information! (Alex Scott is also featured!) Christi treated with Anna in NYC and we met her and her family in Chicago. She was her high school Valedictorian and has been battling this disease since she was 18 years old! (Neuroblastoma goes very slowly in adults.) Best wishes to Anna! Thanks to Dr. Maris and all! It's Genetic! I rejoice! (You can also click on the title of this blog post "It's Genetics" to bring up this article and video clip. It's really well done!) (article)


At 15/5/08 7:48 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

I'm rejoicing with you over this discovery. GOOO Dr. Maris, Dr. K and others!! Let's hope the one day of a cure is not to far away at all!

I can't help but think that sweet Angel Christi and her little science mind had her hand in this.

With all my love,

At 18/5/08 11:04 AM, Blogger Just Me said...

Have you seen the Dunn twins site?

These two adorable identical twins were only 2 months old when they were both diagnosed within a few days of one another with NB stage
4s. The theory is that the tumor developed in utero in one girl and spread to the other girl through the shared placenta.

They are both in remission and have been for several months now.

But I'd think they are probably pretty strong, albeit rare, evidence for a genetic link.

At 18/5/08 11:43 AM, Blogger Kimberly said...

Thanks for sharing this. Now the scientists/Doctors will hopefully be able to find a cure faster now. Take Care and God Bless!


At 19/5/08 4:21 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

Angela, I read your post days ago. (Forgive me for taking this long to respond).

The first thing I thought when I read it was that I was sure beyond a doubt that you had done nothing that would have put Christi at risk for this monster. If love, courage, strength and faith could have provided the cure, Christi would surely still be with us today.

Loads of love to you all,


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