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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Christi's Birthdays Slideshow


At 10/5/08 12:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,

Just letting you know that I'm thinking of you tihs weekend and will be thinking of you lots on Monday, along with Shayne & Shayla of course. I could say how unfair this all is but I can imagine Christi wouldn't take too kindly to that. I hope that the 3 of you are the best that you can be on Monday & I just know that Angel Christi will take plenty of time out from her heavenly birthday party to share lots of her angel love & very special "Christi Brave" with you all.

Her birthday will be remembered here in the English Lake District too - a pink balloon with her name on and a dove will be sent in her direction if that's OK with all of you? I only wish that I'd had the chance to share more birthdays in the "usual way" with your little sweetie.

I'm running the race for life here in England as you know Christi & your family have become so special to me over the years and I would be honoured to run in special memory of Christi, along with other children who have fought and are fighting neuroblastoma. It's only a very small thing to do but anything that can raise the profile of this horrible illness even just a little cannot be a bad thing can it? I don't think that there is any better way to do that than to have "Our Christi" alongside me. Again I hope that you don't mind me "sharing" Christi in this way - the place where i'm running has lots of sheep, horses and other animals along the way & I think she might like it.

Am thinking of you all with lots of love & prayers for as much strength as you need over the next few days & always and am sending many king-sized hugs to Angel Christi too.

Nicky (Lake District, England)

PS - Happy Mother's Day Angela. believe me, I know from my own experiences that 'happy' isn't quite right but you know what I mean - thinking of you xxxx

At 10/5/08 5:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy birthday dear Christi,

I'm the 35 years old french woman. I have already wrotten here and my english spoken is not better than it was a month ago.

Christi, without knowing you, I miss you. I was glad to learn that our Holy Father was in USA. He must go to Paris in september.

I like reading news here. In France, catholic people are laughed (I want to say that people laugh when I say that I am catholic, since our revolution in 1789 they make all they can to destroy our religion. It becomes harder and harder to keep being catholic. The ancien holy father, John Paulus II, said to us "France, what have you done with your baptism ?"

Here, when a child dies, his parents say whatever they imagine, they never speak about Jesus, they suppose that everybody goes to paradise even if he's got no religion and paradise is like children garden, like disneyland, they all think you can play and enjoy, but they never think of God and Jesus. What would be the paradise without God ? perhaps like "neverland".

I'm glad Christi is certainly with God, she must ask him questions and questions and she learns a lot about our world, animals, life, planets... how interresting can it be ! I'm sure she liked studying and now in paradise she can study all she want.

But I miss her, her eyes seemed understand more than you could think. I don't know why i miss this little girl I've never met. Perhaps, because her smile helps me to live in this hard world.

I think at Shayla too, I have learned riding horses but now, I'm too old (35...) and it hurts my back and the nerves that go in my legs ("sciatic" ?)
Do you understand a bit of what I say ? My old computer often forget some letters, like "s", so I'm sorry if it's hard to read what I say.

Once again I say an happy birthday to your pretty Christi, I cannot send a present in paradise so I can only say thank you for all you gave to me, thank you for your smile, and I praise God to give you the best present you want...
In fact, God himslef is The best present. Enjoy learning dear Christi.

God bless you Shayla, be carefull with horses and with your back... I'm sure you will learn a lot about ethology and animals behaviours. There are many videos, searching "ethology", if you have time to spend.

I wish you a god Pentecote Day and thank you for your website.

Oh ! I'm too late... we are already may 11, 00h04 in France... Sorry !

At 10/5/08 5:57 PM, Blogger Campagnette said...

I'm not anonymous, I was Campagnette, I wrote on the website on Monday, March 24.

I live just in middle of France, in a beautiful landscape with old sleeping volcanoes.

Shayla, did you know that horses don't see like humain and can be afraid by a little thing on the floor ?
We call that "dessensibiliation", it means "desensitization" or something like that.

I hope you'll enjoy this french video


At 10/5/08 6:31 PM, Blogger Campagnette said...

Third comment... pleae tell me if you - or somebody in your horse club - think that nobody should oblige a horse to jump a frightening cover on the ground(floor ?...)

They are really frightened, and in France some people say it's too violent for the horse. I don't know what to think about that question.

I also give you the link of the highest jump in the world... and I go to bed, it's already 01:30 AM !

Goodbye dear family Thomas. God bless you.


At 10/5/08 9:05 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

My heart breaks for you all. I so wish this slideshow ended at 100 and not 9. It's simply not fair.

Christi is forever remembered and forever loved.

Many hugs,

At 10/5/08 11:36 PM, Anonymous Anna said...

Angela - these pictures are adorable! The one for Christi's fourth birthday is so funny because of the look on Shayla's face :) Thank you for sharing!

At 11/5/08 3:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Thomas Team,

I think there is more people out here who still read your blog. I just want you to know that I am thinking of you all this weekend and this speciel Monday.

I wish I could send a gift to Heaven but I can't so I would to thank you for sharing all these memories and pictures of Christi with us. I wonder how she would look like now.

Christi made a big impact on me. I was only 15 at that time, but she is still in my heart and my thoughts.

Happy birthday Christi,

With all my love,


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