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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thoughtful Discourse

I most likely shouldn't post this since I did not ask the 16 year old author for permission. Her beautiful mother, my friend, mailed a copy of what appears to be a journal entry and I thought it was incredibly sweet and thoughtful. Is the reason I'm not asking for permission because I do not want to stir up or bring up sad memories for others?

Sunday, May 14, 2006: After Christi’s party last night, my heart was nearly breaking in two. It hurts me inside to think of such a perfect, beautiful young girl. The cancer has spread throughout her entire body. Could you even imagine? Not having the chance to grow up, and drive a car, date boys, be silly with your girl friends, play in the park with your dad, get nervous about tests…anything? It’s unfathomable.

I watched last night as Christi sat down with her plate of snacks and closed her eyes to pray over the couple carrots sticks, cake and ice cream. From my seat, I felt like the world slowed. Everyone else was rushing around and laughing and I was sitting and watching her. She prayed quietly, her lips moving to herself, then put her head up and cracked a joke with one of her friends. I just stared for a moment. I don’t understand sometimes why life is so unfair to those who deserve most to live life to the fullest. Do they really deserve to be punished by God? Or does he have a bigger reason for their lives? I just can’t even begin to ponder about it. She’s so beautiful and my eyes burn at the thought. Why her? Christi blessed her mother’s life so. I know Angela counts every day with her daughter a blessing.


At 14/5/08 6:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Through tears I write this. How beautiful that journal entry is. Thank you for sharing it Angela. Christi has touched so's amazing what a legacy she has left. Simply amazing.

At 14/5/08 8:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never left a comment before, although I fell in love with your family several years ago. But, I truly think that this incredible girl has just said what I have tried for years...Christi is blessing lives LONG after she earned her angel wings!! I am just one of the MANY who have had their life changed by Christi and by your family! Thank you for sharing all of your ups and downs with us! (and I LOVE all of your fun adventures and getting to guess where you are!! Ya'll need to come to Atlanta and see the new Coke Museum and the Aquarium!)


At 14/5/08 5:16 PM, Blogger Nitza said...

To the Thomas team.
I love you and miss you so much. You have changed my life!
As I continue to find much light in dark places, I never forget you.
I walked along the Hudson holding a piece of clay in my hand. Thinking of all the amazing memories I have with your family. Pressing the clay day dreaming how lucky I was to Be there for Shayla's first time to write her name and for Christi's make a wish picnic at the Met's Astor Court.
I feel blessed and press the clay harder. When I reach the water I look at the clay all dried up and wrinkled. Time waits for no one
I roll it to the water with my tears.

At 14/5/08 7:32 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

What a thoughtful journal entry from a 16 year old. Christi taught many lessons in her life.

With love,

At 14/5/08 9:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful simply Beautiful, I continue to pray for you and your sweet family.

Love The Schmidts

At 14/5/08 10:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Angela,

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful message. The diary entry shows insight and maturity beyond years. If only all of us adults could remember to slow down and see what Christi's friend saw, the world would be a better place.

Thank you for all the work you put into maintaining this marvellous website. You and your family are inspirational and I often credit the whole Thomas Team for making me a much better Mum that before I 'met' you all.

With love from Australia.


At 15/5/08 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! Yet again the words of someone so young sum up the thoughts in the hearts of so many of us supposedly "grown-ups" just as Christi's own words & spirit did so many times while she was on earth and continue to do so from heaven too. It's so easy to forget that Christi was only 9 years old - I often joke that I'd be honoured to be even a little like her like to be like when I "grow-up" - quite a humbling experience for a 34 year old doctor I can tell you.

Love & prayers to you all as usual with extra hugs being sent heavenward to our angel Christi

Nicky, Lake District, England.


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