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Friday, May 09, 2008

The Day is Getting Closer

(PIC: Monday, May 12, 1997: Holding Sweet Christi for the very first time.)Scholarship applications are rolling in as the due date of Monday, Christi's birthday, nears. It is such a bittersweet feeling. It gives us tremendous pleasure to be able to award scholarships in Christi's memory, yet our hearts absolutely ache knowing we cannot host Christi's graduation party nor help her pick a college to attend. We are so grateful for all of the generous donations made to the Christi Thomas Memorial Fund to allow us to be able to help others in Christi's name.

Our deepest thanks to so many who have purchased Christi's Tea Party Packages and to sweet Olivia for doing ALL of the work. We had a very special treat last night. After Shayla's riding, Jennifer and Michele drove over and brought us our very own Tea Package. We were amazed at how lovely it was and the fortune cookies and sticker of Christi were extra special surprises. The fortune cookies said Shayne's words to Christi during her last few weeks of life, "Your life will be judged not by its length, but by your strength." If anyone would like to make a donation to the Christi Thomas Memorial Fund, but does not want the cookie/chocolate party package (smile: I can't imagine not wanting the sweets, but......) you may donate on-line at: (or click on the "red" type under today's title). We've been very touched by the sweet words left and the generous donations. The girls also brought me an absolutely breathtaking bouquet of roses, knowing how hard Mother's Day, followed directly with Christi's birthday will be. So thoughtful! I pulled out two pink roses and took them to school today. I know Monday is going to be very hard to be at work. The flowers may help remind me Christi is not forgotten and she is where I want to be. Thank you, Olivia & Jennifer!


At 10/5/08 7:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thinking of you tonight Angela, as Mother's Day tomorrow and Christi's birthday Monday approach. You're in my prayers...may God bring you comfort and peace.

At 10/5/08 9:09 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

Oh Angela, there really are no words capable of expressing how much Christi (and all of you) mean to me.

I am so glad you liked the package. I wish so much that these packages weren't necessary and that instead you were telling us of Christi's exciting birthday plans.

Christi is forever in my heart. Thank you so much for sharin her with me.

Loads of love & many, many hugs,

At 13/5/08 12:10 AM, Anonymous Sophie said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Christi! Angela, your daughter was a beautiful and amazing little girl, she has touched my heart so much, even though i never had the privilege of meeting her.


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