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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Those First Morning of School Pictures

Summer Fun (July 2002) Shayla runs through the water while Christi holds the garden hose. Good times!
I didn't have the courage to go out to the cemetery today, but Shayne did. Shayla spent the day playing with the neighbors and enjoying her final day of summer. When the kids took turns running through the water from the garden hose out in our backyard, I couldn't help be reminded of another photo I had. I just wish Christi could have joined the fun here too!
1st grade (age 5) 2002 (About 10 days before diagnosis) Coloring a picture for her teacher before leaving for school.
2nd grade (age 6) 2003 (After having only attending nine days of school in her entire life, we were all so happy she lived to make it to 2nd grade! WOW! She waited so long to get to go to school! She had a great year and only missed about 40 days, due to her treatments in Philadelphia)
3rd grade (age 7) 2004 (I thank God she hardly missed any school that year, perhaps 10 days due to flying to Philly, but that was her best year!)
4th grade (age 8) 2005 (Although it may be more emotional at times, we are thrilled Shayla is going to have the same 4th grade teacher Christi and Shayne did! God is good!)
5th grade (age 9) 2006 (Sooooo hard for me to believe - and quite frankly accept - that she only lived three more weeks.)

Tomorrow I will line Shayla up outside our door and snap some shots. I won't say I will do it without tears, but I did charge the camera's batteries so I'm ready to snap at least! May God give me continued strength!


At 24/8/08 4:40 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

Oh, what beautiful pictures you have shared here. Christi's love of school is so evident in all of them. It's so incredibly unfair that she can't be entering your class tomorrow with her friends.

I have no doubt she will be with you there in spirit. Shayla and Christi are very blessed to have such a wonderful mother to love, teach and care for them.

Many, many hugs,

At 24/8/08 5:10 PM, Anonymous Lanette said...

I have followed Christi and her site for what seems like forever! I didn't feel comfortable leaving messages here because I felt like I never knew what to say. I just wanted to let you know--from one teacher to another--(and near the Philly area!) that I am thinking of you and praying for your strength as you start this school year. I have a daughter who is Shayla's age (and I lost my brother at a young age as well) so I feel we have something in common besides teaching! God Bless!

Lanette from PA
Kindergarten teacher :-)

At 24/8/08 6:54 PM, Anonymous Karen said...

All the very best for the start of such a challenging year of school, Angela. I'm sure Christi will be there to help you through, not to mention the dear friends she treasured so much. To think of it in another way, your little pioneer went ahead and spread the Thomas magic in order to make this year your best ever! These children already know the difference one Thomas has made in their lives; time for another to shine!

I was exceptionally excited today as I loaded the website for the major newspaper in Tasmania to find an article in the Breaking News section about Neuroblastoma! Not only was it about Neuroblastoma, it was directly referencing Dr. Maris' research and the wonderful work he and his team are doing in combating this evil beast. I saw it as a sign; if a local newspaper in a relatively small island is finally recognising his breakthroughs as "Breaking News" then perhaps we are finally winning the war on silence! The word is spreading at last.

At 24/8/08 7:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'll be in my thoughts in the morning, and in my prayers-- may God continue to give you strength and may this be an awesome start to an awesome year for you and for Shayla. Enjoy your first day girls!

At 25/8/08 4:16 AM, Anonymous Amber said...

I hope Shayla has a wicked first day back at school ! Angela I simply can't even begin to imagine how hard it must be for you to walk into School knowing that Christi Adored going to School so much ! I pray that God will give you all strenght throughout the difficult months ahead of you ! You never know Christi could currently be sitting in a classroom in Heaven learning !
Lots of love Amber -x-


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