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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Party

I'm not certain why this didn't post last night. Let me try that again:

Hopefully, one of my relatives will come through and save me. In the midst of opening gifts, I went to delete just one photo and I accidentally deleted every photo I took today. We tried to retake some, but that just isn't the same and I'm very disappointed with my photos.

At least these two of Shayla with her great grandma and with her aunt are fine. I think perhaps there is an "orb" in this one, by the window, and the only other "orbs" appear below.

I know, bad photo of me, but I was cozy in my slippers. I like to think two two orbs are my deceased father's soul and Christi's letting us know they're with us in spirit!

We had a lovely day! Not that I'm saying I didn't miss Christi or wish she were with us, but I can say it was wonderful to finally have the house all in order and to emotionally be able to celebrate the joy of Christ's birth with our family. Shayla thoroughly enjoyed the day playing in the basement with her cousins. (The two cats, confined to cages in the garage, weren't so happy, but everyone else was!) We ended the evening by making an impromptu trip to Fremont to go ice skating tonight. And, I blew it again. While making certain everyone had hats and gloves for skating, I left my camera in the kitchen. My sweet niece, Ashley, took hers in and let me take photos with us so hopefully she'll email me those photos soon.

While helping Shayne clean the basement for the party, I found some new photos of Christi. Always bittersweet! (I'm so thankful to have discovered a new photo of her; however, it always makes me sad knowing that one day very soon, there will be no more new discoveries.) In this photo we were making candy houses out of graham crackers. What fun!


At 21/12/08 10:28 AM, Anonymous Amber x said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful day ! And poor you with the photos x :)- I loved the ones that you didn't delete !!! lol And especially the one of you shayla and Christi at the endxxx I hardly recognised Shayla she is soooo grown up now! - Send her my congratulations on getting the part of a munckin in the play !!!!
Oh before i forget to tell you Angela I made a video of Christi , Its on you tube if you would like to see it then just type in "Merry Christmas Christi Thomas" Its a photo montage of Christi with photos of her at christmas , I hope you enjoy it !!!! Have a wonderful xmas everybody ! - Amber xxx p:s:on yesterdays post i loved the video of Christi And Shelby -absolutly precious !

At 21/12/08 1:50 PM, Anonymous Lucie Millington said...


This comment is completely of topic, but anyway...

It was my 5 year anniversary of my diagnosis of Neuroblastoma on December 12th of this year. I had been going through a rough patch with feeling low and dismal for many, many months. My friends were off to college, university, getting boyfriends, and there I was losing my hair for the 6th time and was completely lonely, depressed, and i felt there was no end to this cancer hell i lived every single day of my life.

I found Christi's website the day after she died and as cliche as it sounds, it was logging onto this blog everyday since she became an angel that has kept me going. At just 9 years old it has been her strength, courage and memory that has given ME strength to keep fighting everyday since.

I had never though about attending church. Non of my family were religious and I didn't believe it could help me in any way.

But....Today, I managed to pluck up the courage to attend a youth church in my area for the first time (since I'd been contemplating it) in about 18 months. I'd like to thank you (And you my little angel.....THANKS CHRISTI!) for helping me renew my faith in God....I had an absolute ball. And for the fist time since my diagnosis I felt like i was yet again a part of something. I am in the midst of coming through the darkness and am beginning to see the light again.

Please have a BLESSED Christmas and sleep well tonight knowing that Christi and her family have changed my life, along with the many other thousands youve changed with your story.

Things really do happen for a reason! Thankyou!!!!


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