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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Traditions: Christi's Singing at Xmas Lights

Traditions: Christi Singing Through Her Last "Xmas Lights" Trip (In this little video clip, Christi & Cousin Shelby are in the back of Nonee and Paw Paw's car singing with delightas grandpa drives through the light display and grandma sittings in the back between the girls. Oh how I long to hear her voice.)


At 19/12/08 9:09 AM, Blogger Olivia said...

Too precious!

Many, many hugs,

At 19/12/08 2:42 PM, Anonymous Amber - loving christi's singing ! - Keep it going in Heaven , Im your no.1 fan !!!! lol xxxxx said...

Christi's little voice is so adorable ! I am now in a complete state - I cant stop my tears from flowing , I dont think i have ever heard Christi's voice before and what a beautiful one it is x I am not suprised that you are desperate to hear her again Angela !xxxxxxx! Christi will never truly know how she has touched me just by singing ! - What song was it that they were singing ???? Lots of love and prayers for you being sent in this festive season , Amber xxxxxxxxx p.s: I cant even begin to imagine how destressing and hard it is for you at christmas now that christi is in heaven ! x

At 20/12/08 12:27 AM, Blogger Campagnette said...

Why do I cry when I hear Christi singing ? Many children have cancer but Christ gives so many life, even here in France. Why do I miss a little girl I've even never meet ? I'm sure she's near Jesus because she's the only one who makes me cry like that.

You don't know how it's hard to spend Christmas time in France : nobody believes in God and you just have to be ashamed if you go to Holy Mass. People only spend money for their children, but they don't believe in anything.

The USSR believing and communism stay in France like in China. Please pray for us, if you speak about God you risk to go in psychiatric hospital. And our new president, Sarkozy, is not catholic but jude, he had three wifes, his son must be married in Israel. I don't know exactly but It's very hard to be a french catholic woman.

I'm sure that Christi is now Jesus'friend and she can ask something to help us. At my work, everybody will eat and drink and danse but only one will go to midnight Mass.

Your are very lucky to have two little girls like Christi and Shayla.

Now I have a dog, his name is "Savane" and you can see it on

It's all written in french. I saved this dog off a animals shelter (how do you say that ?)

I am reading a Soljenistyne book. You cannot imagine how France has been polluted by communism.

I wish you a merry Christmas (it's one of the first songs I have learned in english)

At 20/12/08 12:43 AM, Blogger Campagnette said...

Oh I'm sorry it's

with a "P" not a "p" in WordPress.

NB : Shayla is amazing when iceskating. I don't know how she can do that. Horses, ice skate...


(with a big "P") you'll can see my cats, they are "half siameses". I wanted a real siamese cat but they did not have a family to go so I take theim and now the challenge is to learn living between the cats and the dog.

Their name is "Vanille" (like a flavour) and the white cat is "Velours" (velvet).

The dog comes with me at work, because I often work at night (on an airport) and I don't like being alone.


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