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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Traditions are so hard! Because of Shayla, we want to keep them going, but not having Christi with us in person is a killer at times. How I longed to hear her little giggles and laughter as Paw Paw drove us through the lovely Christmas light display in Upper Sandusky last night.

Established in 1997 (the year of Christi's birth) the drive through "Fantasy of Lights" display is absolutely incredible and breathtaking! This year's charity is the American Red Cross.
Shayla will probably one day look at this picture and wonder why we didn't make her sit in the back with her seatbelt on. For this special event, I thought Daddy's lap was the perfect place to sit. She thought so too!

Check out the orbs! I love this picture! If you get a chance, drive to Upper Sandusky's park. The donation, per car, is $5.00 and I think a great entertainment value! ENJOY!

Thanks for a lovely evening Nonee and Paw Paw!

P.S. Shayla made it to callbacks. There were 80 kids who auditioned and 39 will try out again on Thursday for 25 parts. She was very happy, but also felt sorry for the kids who cried or were disappointed at the end of the school day. Going to school we talked about how to handle all of that and how we are thankful she's healthy enough to be able to audition. Regardless of what happens Thursday night, it will be a learning experience for her.


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