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Thursday, March 12, 2009

They made the deadline

How about those college students waiting until the last day to turn something in? (Smile.) Seriously, it was nice to receive many applications and recommendations today. These kids are super and I know Christi would want us to help them achieve their dreams at a wonderful institution - Heidelberg University! Christi told us that would be her first college. When all of the other scholarships are due (on May 12th - Christi's "12th" birthday), I won't be surprised to see the Fremont St. Joe, Seneca East and Dance Unlimited Students waiting until the last minute either. I can relate. I've been putting off something for a very long time too - ordering Christi's cemetery plaque, ugh! Each time I sit down to start looking at choices and making decisions, I feel too ill to continue. Seems like it's been so long since she gently floated off to God's great kingdom, seems like I should be able to do this task, but it still hurts. Just today I found myself blinking back tears as I talked to our superintendent at school about Christi and her classmates. Oh, it's still hard, very hard some days. Yet, most other days, I think she'd be proud of us for marching along and celebrating her life in the many ways that we do. She was just so awesome; it's hard not to miss her terribly! (The blogger in me tells me I need to add another "never before seen" photo of Christi here; however, I'm in the process of switching computers so it's not real easy to grab one right now.)

On Sunday, after the musical, I got in the van with Shayla and turned on my phone. I had received two text messages. One from a dear friend said, "Is there a good looking guy flying to Tampa today?" The other was from Shayne telling me our friends were on the same plane, but that he didn't make it back to talk with them yet. It really made me smile!

Shayne had a very nice week in Florida where he's been attending a conference in Orlando and fishing with the guys from work near Tampa. We will be glad to see him tomorrow as he's planning to make it back in time for the "Father / Daughter" horse riding lessons. They've been taking lessons together on Friday afternoons. Because I typically stay back at the house, recently I said to Shayla, "How is dad doing?" She said, "Well, today he couldn't find the right horse, but once I told him that Dusty was over there, the horse he was trying to get ready was Buddy, not Dusty, he did fine." Oh, what a hoot! In Shayne's defense, unless your Shayla, it's hard to tell 14 quarter horses apart - they all look very similar. Here's wishing you and yours a great weekend! ENJOY!

Pictures from Sunday afternoon's musical at the high school:
Shayla chatting with our favorite newspaper reporter, the amazing Jill!
Shayla after the musical with her grandma Nee Nee


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