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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Wrapping Up Here in OK City

One of our awesome heroes and his family! Go, Nick! We love you all!

As soon as I learned this fall that my proposal to present a session at the International Reading Association's Southwest Regional Conference was selected I was thrilled for two reasons. Not only would I get to meet my favorite children's author, I knew (if Nick's health was good) I'd get to catch up with one of our NYC neuroblastoma families we treated with at MSKCC in NYC in 2003. I am thrilled to report that Nick, who continues treating that evil beast, is doing fabulous! His sweet and gorgeous mom picked me up at the airport and went with me to dinner every night. It was great to catch up with her. I cannot imagine still living in the cancer world - what a horrific place to be - it's grueling.

She told me that just that morning she told Nick that Christi died because she knew he was going to see me. She did NOT need to do that. And I felt bad she did. I would have easily played along (heck, in my little dream world I sometimes still pretend she's alive too - I could have pulled that off for Nick, no problem!) I totally understand that we in the cancer world want to do everything possible to protect our children, but she decided he was old enough to know the realities of his disease. WOW! Nick's mom feels guilty he's still alive and treating, I think. She shouldn't. We are so happy Nick is alive and is doing well. That is something to celebrate - not to feel guilty about it. I hope and pray he outlives us all! Neuroblastoma is so tricky and conniving; you can't trust it or predict what may happen. GO, NICK, GO!

While in Oklahoma City, I went to the Memorial Museum honoring the victims, survivors, rescuers and all who were changed forever on April 19, 1995. Even though I was only there for a short time, I left many tears there.

Another bison picture for Miss Shay

It was a gorgeous day yesterday. I snapped this photo for Shayla. I know she would have loved it better in person, but this will have to do.

With adolescent books author Sharon Draper from Cincinnati, Ohio. Sharon is a former National Teacher of the Year and now an award winning author. Shayla is not quite old enough for her books, but in a year or two she'll be ready to read her topics. I attended Sharon Draper's session at this IRA Conference and one of her books I purchased features my favorite genre "Historical Fiction". It's entitled "Fire from the Rock" and I can't wait to read it. At another conference years ago, I met some of the "Little Rock Nine" - the brave teenagers who changed the world in 1957. Other books I've read of Sharon Draper's have been great! I'm sure I'll start this one on the plane on my flight back home. She said it takes her over one year to write a book.
Therefore, I guess I shouldn't put a timeline on how long it takes a mom to select a grave marker for her child. (I really do need to do that though.)

Well, I've never been the LAST presenter at a national conference before and it's just about time to head over to the convention center to share my work with the attendees. I've asked God to give me a clear head and a sense of peace. I think it will go well. I'm sharing what I know and love! Then I'll catch a cab and get to the airport. Shayla has been sending me pictures of the outside of our home - covered with snow! (I didn't tell her I was walking around outside yesterday in the sun without my coat here in Oklahoma City, OK!) Students who were emailing me last night with questions about their lesson plan grades told me the weather was terrible in BG. God willing, I won't have any delays or troubles (fingers crossed). Travelings is always an adventure.


At 6/2/10 1:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

angela, i am from oklahoma city and have been a longtime follower of christi's blog since 2005.

I was wondering where you ate while you were here.

what else did you see? :)


At 11/2/10 9:10 PM, Blogger Marlo said...

I was just catching up with your blog (which I have read for years) and saw that you were in OKC. I am good friends with Lydia. I wish I could have met you, but we moved to VA a few months ago. I still think that Shayla and my daughter Audra are kindred spirits. They love the same things and Audra lost her sister to cancer too. Well, maybe someday you will come to Richmond!


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