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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Martha Washington

Despite the fact, I'm staying in BG right now due to an intense summer teaching schedule, I made it back home last night to watch Shayla perform as the lead in her school play. She was "Martha Washington" in their "mini musical". The kids were all AWESOME! And I was so very happy to get to spend the night with Shayne and Shayla, even if only for a matter of hours. I'm exhausted, but missing them so much! Great job, Shayla! I'll be home soon! (Just doing nothing, but hanging out with my "BG Family" ya know, Shayla - ha ha ha!!)


At 21/5/10 4:09 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Yeah Shayla! You are such a talented young lady. I'm sure you were a fantastic Martha Washington!
Blessings to the Thomas Team from the K-Krew...


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