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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Pox and The Wedding

Shayla has been bitten by the chicken pox worse than any of us thought. She's covered and miserable. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to go to my cousin's daughter's wedding on Saturday. It was so lovely! I wish the newlyweds the very best!

Before leaving, Shayla said, "You know how I love going to weddings! Please take videos for me" so I did. I also brought her home a piece of wedding cake. She's not had much of an appetite, but she did eat the cake. (As I told my cousin - the stunning mother of the bride, "I've been to many weddings and with many beautiful cakes, but this is the most gorgeous wedding cake I've ever seen." Those are all live flowers on the cake. Amazing! It was delicious too!)

Certainly I can't be this old (ha!) but this beautiful wedding was the very first time I ever attended the mother's wedding and then years later the daughter's wedding. Wild! I vividly remember my beautiful cousin, the bride, crying at her own wedding 25 years ago. So.....when her daughter did the same exact thing yesterday in church, it was really wild! Like mother, like daughter! The wedding was lovely and I wish this awesome couple the very best! (PHOTO: With my mom and sis! I KNOW dad was there in spirit too!)

(PHOTO: Four Generations!) My beautiful (inside and out) grandma will soon be 92 years old! (I think she got a kick out of telling the other ladies that - and watching their expressions - in the bathroom yesterday - sooooooooo cute!)

(Photo: Catching up with the girls!)

(HUMOR: Shayla said, "Mom, you'll never believe what dad did while you were gone! He bought white bread AND pop!" Shayne explained she hadn't been hungry for anything so he broke down and bought junk food with the hopes she would eat it. She told me she liked cereal. I said, "You don't like cereal!" She said, "I do when it's the sugar coated kind!")


At 24/5/10 4:15 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Oh Shayla, I pray you get some relief from those darn chicken pox soon!
That wedding was gorgeous - the bride, her gown, the cake, her mother - the whole thing!
They're all fantastic photos - I love the one of you, your mom, and sister.
Happy days and many blessings to the Thomas Team!

At 27/5/10 10:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the things I remember about Christi, is her love of cereals! I remember Coco puffs being on the list, and, was it Captain Crunch, too? I believe she had sent away for a DVD by collecting box tops and mailing them in, is that correct? I loved the photos you posted of Christi, eating cereal and reading a book in the sunshine. When a person like Christi dies, the whole world loses. Then again, the whole world gained ever so much, too, by Christi's life. I am in awe of your family. Shayne once posted: "don't wait out the storm. Learn to dance in the rain." I have never forgotten those words and draw inspiration from them all the time. Your family exemplifies that attitude. Thank you for posting. My family life was very painful: physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, horrible emotional scars. I dreamed of having a family like yours. It gives me great hope to be a long time follower of Christi's website. I started reading back in 2002, and I keep learning from you, and growing.


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