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Thursday, June 17, 2010

2010 $1,000 Christi Thomas Dance Unlilmited Scholarship

Thomas team CONGRATS to Brooklyn B., our 2010 Christi Thomas Memorial Scholarship winner. The $1,000 will be put to good use going toward Brooklyn's freshman year of college. We think Christi would be proud of our selection. It wasn't an easy decision! They were all fabulous applicants and any one of the Seniors would have been a wonderful representative of Christi's spirit. Best wishes, Brooklyn!

Shayla presents Brooklyn with a dozen roses and a "Build - a - Bear" bear that Christi made while she was in Philadelphia in 2005.

When I started to get choked up, I just told myself to keep talking and stop thinking so I could get through my short speech explaining why we give a scholarship each year and how we know Christi would want us to help others like so many helped her.

It's been a "crazy busy" week here so I am just now (finally) getting Saturday night's dance recital scholarship announcement pictures posted. More recital pics tomorrow and then - IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO JOIN US FOR SHAYLA'S FIRST HORSE SHOW OF THE SUMMER come out to the Seneca County Fairgrounds this weekend. It's all free!! Friday night Shay Shay will compete in speed / contesting events. (We are NOT looking for speed here, but for her to have a good time. She doesn't like to go fast, but she wants to be with Skeeter and her friends and we think that's great.) Saturday she will be entering about ten different classes with Skeeter. I can't wait to see her in her pretty neon green and black outfit. Join us if you can! Tomorrow, I'm packing up a huge lunch for Saturday so you are welcome for lunch too!


At 17/6/10 10:05 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

My sister would love to go. She LOVES horses. Too bad we live in southeastern WI!

At 18/6/10 11:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I could! Best of luck Shayla - be safe! Your generosity to these students is always touching. I'm sure Brooklyn was thrilled.




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