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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dance Recital Weekend 2010

Shayla spent the beginning of the week at Soccer Camp and the end of the week over on Kelley's Island at 4H camp. I brought her home early from 4H camp (where she had a even better time than she expected and she was expecting to have an INCREDIBLE time) due to the dance recital this weekend. Shay Shay was non stop "chit chat" about her amazing camp experience all the way home! I loved seeing and hearing her so happy!

While Shayla was at 4H camp, Shayne and I spent some precious "couple time" at the condo for a couple of days, joking every night that we were going to hop the ferry over to Kelleys to have dinner and to spy on Shay - hee hee. Seriously, I wrote by the pool (my article is just about ready to submit) and read by the beach - ahhhh!

At the end of the week I learned the State Department of Education selected me as a "Lead Content Expert" for the new English / Language Arts Academic Content Standards (fancy title, eh?! I laughed when I told my boss who told me to apply for the position. She said I'm the perfect choice - we'll see, yikes!) I will be training with the state department later this month (earning some extra money - always nice!) and then training teachers in grades 6-8 on the new standards they must use in their classrooms. (So to any of my BGSU students who may be reading this and remembering some discussion we had about the new standards, I will finally be able to tell you more in August, a lot more. Please stop by and see me!)

(PIC: Traci and Nicole who surprised us by coming to the dance recital - so sweet!)

Last night's dance recital (the 4th WITHOUT Christi) was the very first one I didn't cry and cry while watching Christi's classmates dance. They were amazing and it's so hard to believe Christi would be 13, so tall and entering high school in August! The girls were amazing and I'm reminding myself to be grateful she got to dance in four recitals. She loved them all! I just miss her!

(PIC: With beautiful Tiffany) We also awarded the 4th annual $1,000 Christi Thomas Scholarship last night too, but I'll post about that on a different day! THANKS to Tiffany, we even have some pictures! Now I want to share Shayla's pictures and to thank the many family / friends who came to support her - and all of us!

Great Aunt Mary and Cousin Jen

Grandma Nonee gave Shayla cookies instead of flowers - definitely a great option coming from Nonee! YUM!

Shay's "Fan Club" - hee hee!
It was so nice to see so many who came to watch Shayla. THANK YOU!!

The Annual "In Front of the Ritz" pictures (Shay with Mom)

Shay with Dad)


At 14/6/10 5:01 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Congratulations Angela - what an honor!
Congratulations on your recital Shayla!
Many beautiful photos, especially the one with the three of you.


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