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Monday, June 07, 2010

Shayne competed in his first triathlon of the summer season yesterday at Deer Creek State Park located outside of Columbus. He did fantastic and Shayla was able to "run him in" to the finish line. Unfortunately, my pictures were less than great, but it's hard to capture action shots when he's busy swimming, biking and running. (I don't know why he won't stop and pose to make it easier for me, Christi always posed for me when I asked her to smile. Hee Hee!) Over the weekend, Shayla took a friend with her on our camping trip and the girls had a lot of fun together while their dads were busying being incredibly athletic. (PICTURE: Breakfast in our camper.)

Shayla was quite interested in taking chickens to the fair as one of her 4H projects this year. Then she learned what happens to those chickens and she wanted no part of it. Well, it was too late. Shayne already ordered ten peeps. Shayla is not taking chickens for a 4H project and now Shayne has chickens for the next two months. Interesting, very intersting. Shayla is trying so hard not to get attached to them, but deep down she really likes them. (Other than the fact they are spending their nights in my KITCHEN, I'm doing fine with it all - my mom must be so proud - and shocked - camping and chickens.)


At 9/6/10 8:15 PM, Blogger the Thomas team said...

mom i new the got eaten but the only reson i wanted to take chickions was to sell the eggs! Tell the people i'm not dumb and stuff.


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